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We have moved 54 times in the past year!

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I have not updated this blog for about 2 months as I have been completely hiding and hibernating in 10 or 11 different places…  a bit shell-shocked by the pace of life in the UK. But, as we are coming up to our one year anniversary of when we began travelling on the ‘no plan plan’, I decided to write something at last. And, just for fun yesterday, we worked out how many different places we have stayed during our first nomadic year. And it is 54 (I think!). I hadn’t realised just how many it has actually been.


It can be tiring, and stressful coping with all the rapid change. And I am not a big fan of ‘moving day!’ Of those we have had a few! But I love the freedom. I love moving into a new place. I love it when I have a washing machine! I love exploring new places on our bikes and most of all I love having James with me. And although this past year has meant a lot of on-going quick-fire changes there are constants too; us, our van, our contact with friends and family, (usually via internet), our morning routine of yoga, green smoothies and coffee (the magic!) and trips out in nature. We like the quiet peaceful rhythms of how we choose to spend our time. We often tell each other how lucky we are. We are very grateful.


James has fine tuned his work beautifully over the time to fit around our lifestyle. He has also had some very interesting ‘office’ spaces! As for me, I am still working on a way to make my living on the road. I have spent my time improving my drawing and mixed media techniques and will get round to one day soon I hope, opening up my online shop again… And maybe even teaching an on-line art journal course… who knows… not me, not right now! I have a quote from the Brave Girls which reads; ‘It’s ok if you don’t know yet’.  This thought sustains me all the time. I also like at the moment; ‘It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while…’ Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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Some people think we are brave and some probably think we are a little bit crazy to give up the common financial securities of our culture but we can only be ourselves and as one of my sisters would say… “and we are not sorry!’ I don’t feel brave or crazy, I just know in every fibre of my being that we have done the right thing by letting go of everything we let go of. It’s a completely different way of life for us now. I can’t actually believe it’s been a year…

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We have slowly worked though our storage unit full of the stuff we (mostly me) couldn’t let go of last year. But it was weighing on my mind and the emotional energy stored in ‘the stuff’ has been mentally holding me back even during some of the time abroad. So, most of it has to go! I had never imagined what an interesting, complicated, time and energy consuming job this has been! I hadn’t realised how attatched I actually was to a lot of my stuff! And, still am! I am committed to letting go of as much as possible though to lighten up and simplify (and save money) and to create the space for our next adventures…

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I wonder what will unfold for us in the next part of our journey… it is exciting and my heart jumps for joy! Thanks for reading and feel free to comment, ask a question or message me. X

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