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Vintage fairies…


My latest artworks are a set of vintage mixed media fairies.  They incorporate lots of mixed media and layering techniques and each one has kind of evolved on its own… This is often the way for me, where the faces just emerge from the page through the process of drawing and re-drawing. Some days this flows really easily and some days there is no flow and I work on backgrounds or collage or just simply work in my sketch books. I think there will be six girls in this set and although each one is different, they all share a similar feel of being a little bit shabby… a little bit vintage. I have tried hard to use different lighting on the faces and really integrate the girls into their backgrounds. I think I will get some printed on cards to see what they look like and put some prints in the shop. I may hand finish them with subtle sparkles on the wings too,  just to add a little bit of magic!

I always find finishing my work the hardest part, where it is so easy to overwork something. I read somewhere that is is better to leave a painting 15% unfinished rather than 103% finished. I think that may be true, as you can always go back to something that looks a little unfinished but it is much harder to return to the freshness that was once there… I have so many paintings in the fairy studio which I may go back to throughout the winter but I have ideas for two new projects. One of these I have started already and the other one is still slowly forming in my mind. I think though, I will just wait and see what comes next, as planning too much just makes me think too much in my head. I prefer working from my heart.  I just will continue to create in my intuitive way because that is when the magic happens for me… and I LOVE that part… X

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