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The Unexpected Gypsy… Part 1


Here I am, still living my life as a nomadic, van-dwelling, house-sitting, free-spirit even though I find it really hard a lot of the time! I am sharing here the first post of a new series for my blog, which is entitled; The Unexpected Gypsy.

Most of my life is in flux. A constant state of transition, instability and flow. There is no plan. I wrote a blog post after our first year of travelling where I share about living with the ‘no-plan-plan.’ I live wild and free, from place to place with an intention on slow travel wherever possible. This doesn’t come naturally to me and was not a world I was born into. There are days when I am really challenged. And yet, here I am, still doing it. I am hoping that writing this post will help me unravel why I  inadvertently have become – an unexpected gypsy.

I do love to travel and I do love the freedom but hand-in-hand goes the endless planning, decisions (hate those!) and inevitable wrong turns in the road, physical and metaphysical. I find myself confusing in that, even living day to day with the difficulties and discomforts, I still choose, above anything else, freedom over stability.

I am comfortable and spread out at the moment house-sitting and although there are 3 dogs and a parrot to look after (this is a big responsiblity and work as well as lots of furry cuddles & animal medicine too) we, Mr H and I, are very blessed to be here. This place is spectacular. I think we are still landing to be honest. The wild nature surrounding us is both breathtakingly beautiful and difficult to love (for me) similtaneously. It is not a comforting nature to me. It is wild and rugged and fully exposed to the weather. Hot in the sun and crazy in the winds. Magnificent with potential to be both dazzling and devastating. It stirs my heart and overwhelms me all at the same time. In the last few days, I have to admit to a craving for being in the soft, mellow, cooling shade of lots of tall trees. There is no Fairy Land to be found here. But, I am also finding that the stunning and contrasting landscapes of coast, beaches and mountains are highly stimulating to all my senses. I am trying to embrace this fully, power up, work with it not against it, to assist me into showing up and being more of myself  ‘out there!’ Yes, the dreaded ‘OUT THERE!’ I say these words while madly laughing and running  away to hide behind the nearest tree.

From believing for years and years that I was a sociable butterfly and more regularly seated in the extrovert corner, it has been of great surprise to learn that I am not! Over the past several years I have touched base with myself (a lot) and realised that I am just the opposite in many unexpected ways. I am grateful to the travelling lifestyle for its diverse teachings during our journey.

So even on my down days and through some desperate times and tears. Through tiredness, a heavy heart and weary feet, I am grateful to all my lessons. Some full of joy and some heavy. And just like my physical belongings, I have learned the constant requirement for review and release. Let the shit go. (If you can!) or you will never find the treasure. I have also learned that I need to be ready in the first place to let it go!


“It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of  life. Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.”

Jospeph Campbell

I’ll leave it there for now as I have a mound of sorting and releasing to work through today in the shape of a big pile of clothes! Being out of the van means I am able to pull out all my well-loved dresses and be strict and ruthless about what to keep… Sits laughing at herself here because unfortunately for my gypsy, ‘van-life,’ choice of lifestyle; I am the complete and absolute opposite. And as a mixed-media artist aswell, that’s a whole other load of stuff I need to pack into my tiny cupboards. But, that’s OK too. And although, a few years ago I did daydream romantically that I would easily become a natural minimalist. It never actually happened… Thanks, as always for reading my blog. Xx

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  1. Toni says...

    Love from a lost soul xx

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks Xxx Big love Xxx