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The Unexpected Gypsy – A Micro post!


Today ‘I’m Thinking,’… I wrote a poem! A few weeks ago. Well, the Ideas Fairy and I wrote a poem, a collaborative effort. This is the very active fairy (The Airy Fairy) who keeps me awake at night or wakes me up with the sunrise. Not that I sleep restfully during the full-moon phase. This is a special poem with a secret purpose, although I had no idea of this at the time of writing it. I will tell that story when I share the whole poem. I have actually made a video reading of the poem to release soon, on my brand new Youtube channel! I can’t believe I have actually gone ahead and done this having wanting to for so long! I even have a ‘button,’ (see left) on my website now for ‘Youtube!’ This is out of my know-how and ability but Mr H, my very own technical genius, did it for me. Thank you. Xx Maybe this is just a small thing to some but I am very excited about it. Having the button! Ha ha!

Anyway, back to the poem. I am dedicating it to a very special person, who I have never even met… but, I just know I wrote it for her, or at least the poem wrote itself, if you know what I mean? This person is also partly why I set up the Art Journaling Group (Freedom Journaling with Wendy Fairy Art) as a completely free offering, as a ‘pay-it-forwards.’ And today ‘I’m Thinking,’ and having cups of soothing full-moon tea, just like in the painting I made shown above.


I will share the whole poem soon but there is an excerpt below. ‘I am thinking,’ I would rather like to write more poetry for little illustrated books and mini journals and oh so many other things, but for now I need to move the studio into a new place. This happens alot in ‘An Unexpected Gypsy’ life-style that we currently live… and I have been having conversations with my man on our walks today with some shifts and plans in mind… So, yes, today ‘I’m definitely Thinking.’ And, that’s completely OK.


“I ground in trees and bury deep

my tiny little fairy feet

in our sacred Mother Earth

and she never leaves my side

and she never leaves my side

and because of this

I am unstoppable

for all of time


©Wendy Robinson – 2017


I am loving the reach and immediacy of the online world and blogging connections – thanks for being here with me. Now, I am going back to my tea and more thinking… and being abSOULutely inspired… and just a little exhausted in the most heart centred way. Xx

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