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The Unexpected Gypsy – Finding Home in magical Glastonbury?


The Unexpected Gypsy,
partly an outlet
for my writing,
about this unexpected gypsy life
I find myself living,
about losing myself, & my balance,
& about finding them again,
about living unsettled and seeking home…

I wonder then, whether I have found it? Time will tell, for sure.

I can ‘t quite explain it. I can’t quite define it. I knew I would find home when I felt it. Although, I didn’t know it would take so long. On the way into Glastonbury a couple of months ago now, as I drove into the town, the song playing in my cd player sang…

“And I feel
I found my place
In time and space
In hope and faith
And love I give
My mind is clear
I have no fear
I shed no tears
For you my dear

This world is wonderful, so beautiful
If only you can open up your mind and see

Your world is everything you ever dreamed of
If only you can open up your mind and see

The beauty that is here”

Lightning Song by Anathema lyrics

I had one of those shivers with goosebumps moments which lasted tangibly for a period of around ten minutes. Tingles of anticipation, promising something I dared not even hope of!

There is truly only one way to find out that something is for you, or not, isn’t there? So we came with the openness to the potential of settling here. One of the advantages of living in a big bus is that it has wheels! (No-shit-Sherlock!) And therefore if you don’t like being somewhere, you can just drive off into the sunset. It is so easy. That part is, anyway. Letting go of this freedom is no small thing for us. But back to my point, which is that we came to try-on Glastonbury, to see if it was a good fit, to see if the energy felt right for us and not too intense.

Sifting through the many layers of myth, history, mystery and magic…

and spending time working out which parts are which, and for which parts – it simply doesn’t matter! From King Arthur, Joseph of Arimathea, the dragon/energy/ley lines, the sacred springs, the Tor, the astrology, the Goddess and earth heart chakra, to the creative and energetic vibration of this place. For me it is an awe-filled experience. I absolutely love it. I feel alive and I feel inspired by the Fairy Magic I have found here. We are getting to know this place now, and yet, we have so much more to discover. There are lots of hidden, mystical treasures and layers of answers to the big puzzle, yet to be unveiled… underneath those mists of Avalon!

So, what does home feel like? Which parts feel home? I still can’t quite put my finger on it. But here are a list of things I am loving at the moment that truly feel like I am home at last… Some of these things may look on the surface as being trivial, but when you haven’t had them in so long these simple things add up to a whole load of ‘homeyness!’

  • I have my favourite coffee shop where I have regular art-dates.
  • I know my way around the place, and, it feels familiar.
  • I know where to go to buy foods and consumables that we need.
  • We have mapped out our daily walks.
  • The Tor feels like an old friend and I can hop up to the top like one of the Glastonbury bunnies… (Not true at all!) Ha! And, when it’s muddy, I even fall flat on my ass!
  • I bump into people that I know, that I didn’t even know were here.
  • I know some days I need to give the High Street a miss!
  • I am not surprised by any unusual happenings, or by the broad spectrum of interesting folk who reside here!
  • I have already met so many new artists and inspiring artisans. This feels like the creative place I have been seeking…
  • I have picked out which shop I want (for one day!)
  • I have a favourite tree. (I always have ‘my‘ tree… but this one is a really special one.)
  • Magical ‘coincidences,’ are happening all over the place. (A whole other blog post!)
  • I don’t feel like a mis-fit here… (Ha! Again, a whole other blog post!)

Whether this is our ‘forever,’ home or just home for now, I don’t really mind, – all I know is that it feels like I am definitely in the right place. I felt called to come here and feel called to stay here. I had no idea why but I am already gaining more insights into this, and am content in the knowledge that the rest will unfold synchronistically, all to be revealed when the timings are right.

“Remember that you are more than skin and bones. Your are one thousand stories of before. One thousand stories of potential. One thousand stories you’ve yet to see and know and feel and breathe. There’s more to come. And it’s something beautiful.”

Victoria Erickson

We are just working out where we are going to stay for the winter, or maybe, even longer! (Update, we have found a place and have just moved in!) Thanks for reading my blog! Xx Leave me a comment, say hello! More to come soon… X

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  1. Caroline Ellen says...

    I’m so glad you are here! I look forward to seeing you soon. Thank you for the blog, it’s beautiful and inspiring x

  2. Jan says...

    Wow exciting news. Keep us posted xx

  3. Erin - Unbound Roots says...

    This is just wonderful, Wendy! I’m so happy you have found a home, even if it is just for now. 🙂 I still feel like my family and I need to find our forever home, and hopefully I’ll have all the the ‘feels’ you had. Wonderful post!