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The Unexpected Gypsy – Downsizing my wardrobe…


I am feeling very inspired during the process of downsizing the contents of my wardrobe. This may sound like a frivilous and superficial activity, and, it may well be to someone else. But, to me, it has turned into a very long, and very important unfolding (!) and a layered progression of personal growth. And also a realisation that I have far too many skirts and not enough space to store them!

Due to my ‘Unexpected Gypsy’ lifestyle there are certain practical limitations and comfort restrictions I have to manage. Principally being; the fact of having tiny van-size cupboards to store my clothes in comparison to what I had when we had our house. I also live with contrasts in climate. Managing long, hot summers in Spain and Portugal of 45 degrees and then returning to the UK with temperatures dipping into the negatives needs some practical items to stay comfortable. We also have plans to travel to countries where I will need to cover up out of respect for different cultures. The bottom line is; I need a lot of options and a multiple of combinations.

Top this all off with the wish for individual style and self-expression, which is a great joy to me being a creative type and this all bundles up into quite a complex puzzle to be solved. I desire the practical and the beautiful.

Anyway, I am just about finished with project ‘travelling-in-a-van-unexpected-gypsy,’ wardrobe, for now. That is, until the next layer, of course. Remember my reminder to self of the regular need for review and release in my previous blog post? I could share here about my whole systematic process, but there are many, many blog posts out there which do a great job at that, giving countless tricks and tips. Here’s a useful one I found. But, what I did feel drawn to share, was a gorgeous video about learning to be yourself – ‘out there.’ I didn’t want to write about clothes and wardrobes and practicals of ease, simplicity and comfort. But rather about everything else that goes with the organisation of our personal belongings and the way we present ourselves to the world. Such as; identity, self-expression, confidence, other peoples’ perceptions of us and a potential need for approval and ‘fitting-in’. But then, I didn’t need to write about it because Caroline McHugh says it all so beautifully in her talk. The Art of Being Yourself. I loved it. See what you think…


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  1. Kim says...

    Awesome siSTAR X

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks !!! SiSTAR!!! XXX

  2. laura says...

    wow. thank you for sharing that video. it is amazing.

    • Wendy replied...

      I am so glad you liked it Laura. Blessings too x