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The Unexpected Gypsy – The Day I nearly fell off a cliff…


There is a new man in my life – and I think he just saved my life…

Today, has been so good and so hard simultaneously. It seems that it is my current normal; to have a mixture of miracles and challenges everyday.

I have talked about the unsteady relationship I am experiencing with where we are staying right now in an older post. How I find it breathtakingly beautiful (it really is!) and overwhelmingly dangerous at the same time. I have talked about our daily walks on The Great Orme here sandwiched between the wild north coast and Snowdonia mountains. I have talked about naming part of our regular walk ‘the vertigo path.’ It’s no peaceful stroll up here let me just say. And that is the ‘norm,’ on the Orme… (sorry, had to be said!) Hahahaha!

Anyway, I just nearly fell off the side of the (bloody) Great Orme. Half of me fell down into an abyss of bramble bushes and I would have tumbled down the steep edge too if it hadn’t been for one of the dogs we are taking care of. So, big shout out to Spot, for saving me with his body weight and pulling back when I fell. James then was able to get to me quickly and pull me up and home and into a nice grounding salt bath.

I am fine now. Lavendered and drinking lots of sweet drinks. A bit sore but all in one piece! And now I can go back to celebrating the wonderful news I had today of being nominated for a bloggers award! Which is totally a big deal to me and has made my day! I will write all about that another day soon. I am completely fuzzed out! What a crazy combination this life on earth can be! Pulling and pushing us, battering and buffeting us, concurrently, in all kinds of directions. I just hope the Ideas Fairies let me sleep tonight because that would really help right now! Xx

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