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Time to spread their wings…

All the right things are happening to draw me even further away from my current career path. There was a fork in the road, in fact I would say that I inadvertently created this fork… I chose the option which would change my direction dramatically. I have met no resistance so far from the universe out there so, it just seems I have definitely, without any doubts chosen the right pathway.

I think though that the fairies are becoming impatient with me. They keep giving me the impression they want to spread their wings and get out in the world! If I’m honest, I have not made huge efforts to find sales opportunities, but recently these opportunities have been finding me…

Wendyfairyart will be available soon in a little gallery in Hull. A project being setup to promote the arts and run workshops and jewellery making. And just today, another coincidence… An offer of selling my cards in her husbands shop. Flattering enough for one day at the office… Soon to be someone else’s office… Not really an office actually, more like a classroom! My classroom for the past 8 years! But the unsticking process is running surprisingly smoothly and flowing freely. Actually, is it so surprising? And by the way, it feels great!

Check out …

Oresome Gallery scheduled to Open in Summer 2010.

This is one of the first businesses to open in what is destined to be Hull’s “Creative Industries Quarter” !
Overlooking the marina, as a wonderful backdrop the setting is idyllic.
Services we aim to offer include;   
•  The sale & promotion of craftwork.
We would like to give crafts people producing Jewellery, ceramics, glass, wood, textile and or mixed/other media the opportunity to exhibit and offer their work for sale within “Oresome Gallery”.

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