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The ‘no plan’ plan! …

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Have you ever gone on your travels and not known where you were going, how long you will be away for, not have a home to return to, and not even know when you are actually leaving? For some this would be their idea of a nightmare… and for others; a calling of a free experience. We are all made differently and that is part of our beauty! Ah…. (big sigh) so hand on heart, connecting to what brings my heart joy, I can say I am so happy to be about to embark on this unknown journey of; the ‘no plan’ plan!


It doesn’t feel like I am ‘going travelling.’ It feels more like a (radical) life change and beginning the exploration of where I (we) belong, and also; what my purpose is. What unique gifts was I born with and how can I best use them for my own and others’ highest good? I also know that along the way we are going to learn so much from the people we meet and experiences we will have, and as part of the cycle we can share that knowledge with others who want to hear about it.

I am not sure that I am open enough to write freely and intimately on the internet about all of it, but, I will certainly endeavour to share what I can of the ‘realness.’ There may be showers with the sunshine but I want to embrace it all, the whole package! Today I spoke to one of my sisters, and I told her of all my joy, and it didn’t feel like ‘showing off’ or boasting in any way. She was celebrating my happiness and it felt so wonderful. How easy it is to sit and bemoan and worry about stuff that inevitably is challenging in our everyday lives, but, if you catch yourself, you can so quickly turn it all around. Quick, think of three things you are grateful for and you will be back in a bliss-like state immediately! I have been doing this every morning as I wake up for weeks now and it never fails to amaze me. This morning I was grateful for; my comfy soft bed, the love I share with my partner and my muscles, because it feels so good to stretch them in the mornings! I have had a good day… I am continually grateful, my heart is full of joy!

On the art side of things there is not much creating going on during the packing up of our house but lots of selling of paintings! Five paintings sold already in my current sale and I am so happy to let them go. It’s a little bit like sharing and writing in a blog post; in that you are letting little personal parts of yourself get ‘out there.’ But, it feels good! And I am so flattered that my art is selling. I create from the heart, not with an intention to sell but just an intention to let out what is in there! It is an intuitive process and if I let go, the magic just happens… I never plan my pieces, I allow them to evolve and I think that is why people notice the emotion in them. Sometimes the paintings are very revealing of where I am right at that moment and I don’t even realise it until the painting emerges.

This blog post is a bit all over the place I feel but that is kind of where I am right now, so that’s OK. I am packing, sorting, letting go of, organising, lending, giving away, selling, reviewing… and that is just about my STUFF! What is it about our STUFF??? Some stuff is just so hard to let go of and yet when you do it feels so good. I am realising that the relationship we have with our stuff is a very interesting one. I haven’t quite worked it out yet. So far, ‘project wardrobe’ has been the hardest… but I am there… I have let go of bags and bags full of clothes. All this stuff leaving my house. It feels so wonderful to lighten up and opens up space for our next adventures. I can actually feel myself free up with every bag/box that leaves the house… and as for stuff I want to keep, well I can! Only stuff I love gets to stay though and I am very strict on this rule.

Reminder of what we already know but sometimes in the business of life we forget…

If you can – go follow your dreams, even if it’s a bit scary. This is your life and you know what? You get to CHOOSE how you spend your time! Well off I go, to do just that but I am going to try to write more regularly I think because wherever we are we will have internet… (mostly) and I update the facebook page more regularly than this blog. As always, thanks for reading and comments very welcome. x

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  1. Mellow says...

    I love this. Wendy from the Heart…fresh, warm, exciting, authentic xx

  2. barbara says...

    sounds like quite a journey you are going on. when will you be back or is that a BIG IF. lotsa love to ya xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx