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The BEST 5 Things about House Sitting…



House-sitting really is so fun and it fits so well into our nomadic ‘van-life’ lifestyle right now. Not only does it give us interesting places to stay and stop and rest, but it gives the home-owners peace of mind while they are away too. A win-win. We love those. It is always especially enjoyable if we have pets to look after too and we have a lovely cat here called Missy!

Here are some other benefits and joys for us when we are house-sitting.


  • Having a postal Address!

I have to be honest, sometimes not having a postal address is limiting. We both miss this. Mostly we create a list of the stuff we want to order and when we rent somewhere or house-sit we get it sent then. This works out fine so far. Our families collect any other post for us. (Thank you!)


I got a parcel in the post yesterday with these yummy watercolours! I am so excited and loving them so much already. They are Japanese and are from Kuretake.


The pigments are so bright and vivid. It has a useful swatch sheet on the inside of the box lid for you to paint in the colours. We had to go out yesterday but I couldn’t wait to get home to play with them!



  • Having the space to invite visitors over

It’s not really easy having people over when we are in the van and certainly not to stay. Although we have shared meals in our tiny dining area. A cosy and intimate dining experience, and fun too! We have invited visitors over when we have a cottage abroad but being in the UK right now means they haven’t got as far to come. As this is not our house we can’t have loads of visitors and we always ask our hosts specifically about whether it is OK with them. Maybe a bigger van in the future would help with this but I am not sure sharing a small space would ever work for me (except for sharing with James or perhaps daughter too)!



  • Enjoying the surrounding nature that is right on our doorstep

It’s always fun to explore the new places where we find ourselves but with house sitting we have an added benefit. We have always gotten lots of information from our hosts about the area and it really helps us to settle into a place. In that sense it feels like ‘home’ almost straight away. Things have a familiar feel which is a big part of why we like the slow travel and longer house-sitting jobs.


There are rabbits everywhere on the farm and the owners do not allow hunters anywhere on their land which we love.



  • Having a bigger kitchen to cook and bake in

Having a bigger fridge and freezer, more workspace and hot running water makes such a difference. It’s a welcome break from all the improvise and compromise I talked about in this blog post.



  • Having more space to get creative and paint again

Even though I have been creating quite a lot while living in the van, it has been mostly in pencil and dry media so it is really wonderful to get the paints out again.


I am trying out these new waterbrushes too and liking the effects you can create with them. I think they will be going into my mini-travel-art-kit too which I really must do a post about one day.


So it seems the running theme here is SPACE. More of it, please. Not really surprising really as this is the one thing that is obviously very limited in the van. These intermittent house-sits really help us on our journey and as well as all the benefits mentioned above we have met some truly wonderful inspiring people too. We are very lucky and very grateful to them.

Moving on in about a month so watch this space to see where to next… Thanks so much for reading. X

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