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Still living in that ‘in between place…’


What happens if you are flung out of your ‘forever’ home, away from everything and everyone familiar to you, into foreign lands with languages you can’t (yet!) understand? And, what happens if you did this by your own free choice because everything just felt so wrong about staying where you were? Well, sometimes it feels very confusing that’s for sure!


I have to admit, I am feeling  a little impatient at the moment in the quest for a more permanent base… I want to be somewhere long enough for it to feel familiar. I will know where everything is and have everything I need to meet every situation. All those little unknowns that inevitably come up in life will have remedies that are within easy reach of my fingertips. I will set up my fairy art studio and hang up my clothes instead of stuffing them in my bag. I will lay out all my girly things and put the precious photos next to my bed of my little (grown-up) daughter who is off travelling the Americas at the moment…

jas 4_0002

I will hang all my lanterns and mobiles up and lay out all my crystals and make magical alters. I will create artistic arrangements of all my STUFF!


It’s not that I want to give up travelling. I LOVE our travels and freedom especially here in Portugal. I just think that ‘in between’ the travels it would be so wonderful to come HOME. To recharge in our own place where everything is as we left it and I know exactly what to expect before I arrive. We will know where the supermarket and markets are to buy food on the way home. We will know we have space to park our (massive!) van. We will arrive HOME and be able to put stuff AWAY. To be able to UN-PACK!


Two years ago, having sold and moved out of our ‘forever’ home I arrived at my sister’s house, exhausted. One of the first things she insisted I do was unpack my clothes and hang them up. She rushed off to get plenty of hangers and helped me hang every single item on the rail she had put in my room. I didn’t really understand it at the time but I remember it feeling SO good! Everything at that time focussed on comfort needs. Feeling comfortable in every-way. And, feeling SAFE. And, it is still the same for me two years on.


Because our environment changes so often and each scenario is unique we seem to have naturally fine tuned our routines and rhythms to fit around. On moving days we leave very little to do to other than, actually move; wake up, have teas and coffee (our one coffee of the day!), eat a good breakfast and then travel to our next destination. We are constantly solving problems like; how to keep out mosquitoes, how to get rid of ants (without chemical poison) and at the moment how to keep cool in the heat-waves of Spain and Portugal.


I wake up at least twice every night at the moment feeling like I am at sea. A rough sea. No ground beneath my feet that I can sense at all. Rocking and constantly moving. I struggle to balance and feel slightly sick. And then I remember, that I am safe, and I am loved… Is this why I love being by the sea? Because it reflects exactly all I am feeling?


So, I am just taking each day one at a time. Trusting that we are in the right place at exactly the right time. And, this has proved true over and over again for us both. We simplify everything and keep peaceful knowing that we always find the answers to our questions. It’s just scary sometimes but we just have to breathe and we just have to be brave. X


Just off to find my ruby slippers… ‘there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home…’




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  1. Mellow says...

    Xxxx you can hang up your stuff wherever I am xxx :))

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you sweetheart x

  2. barbara says...