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So, no art for a while…

Hazel Tree Ogham

I lost my direction for a while and could have, but didn’t panic about it… It’s all happening exactly as it’s meant to be happening and I needed to take a break from art. I actually couldn’t believe how much art I was making, it was literally pouring out of me. It was a wonderfully cathartic experience, but I was not sure of the direction, and, to be honest, I am still not sure. But, I have learned that working from a deeply intuitive place is the only way forward for me and that is a wonderful realisation of ‘the now’ of my artist’s path. So, although a tiny voice inside me says ‘you need to make art everyday…’ some days I just have to ignore it and say ‘be still little voice, I will do so when I am good and ready!’

During my time out this summer I have been pursuing other areas with my own research and learning about things which are of great interest to me. Not just great interest actually but issues that are in my heart and things I am passionately drawn to.

As always, I am beckoned back to nature and have taken a particular interest in remedies and natural solutions; an holistic approach to health and well-being. Something which I have now come to think of as plant and tree magic. Some of this knowledge and magic has been lost or maybe hidden from us, but I wanted to begin a journey of rediscovery.


Both myself and my other half had stopped using standard toothpastes and deodorants due to their respective fluoride and aluminium content but a few months ago it got me wondering, what other unnecessary chemicals were in the products I was regularly using?  After many hours of reading and researching I wasn’t actually surprised by my findings.  Actually I was more surprised by the fact I had kept myself in the dark for so long. Suffice to say, I have found many alternatives to my common everyday toiletries and household cleaning needs. More often than not, I am using really basic remedies and not ‘health’ food store ‘natural’ options, many of which are just silly expensive… So, for example, my teeth cleaning routine has changed completely. Did you know that turmeric is really good for brushing your teeth with?  And no it doesn’t stain your teeth yellowy orangey… They actually get whiter! Turmeric has been used traditionally in Indian Ayurvedic medical practices (as well as others) and has naturally occurring antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. I must admit to being a little nervous at first as it does stain the bristles on your toothbrush! But my teeth are feeling really bright and healthy… As for ‘oil pulling’ I could write a whole separate blog post on that… (

I have also been exploring different oils for their natural properties and have been using them in skincare, insect repellent and as sun creams. I had no idea oils have natural SPF properties and thought the opposite; that if you put oil on and went in the sun you would quite literally fry your skin! Well it hasn’t mine! Wheatgerm oil for example has a natural SPF of around 20. But, as with anything, don’t trust what others say, do your own research if you are curious and try the remedies you are drawn to…

Actually, before I discovered the oil as a sunscreen I had a bad sunburn on my back, right at the beginning of the summer. I found a most surprising remedy, which took away the pain immediately and also, helped my skin heal really quickly… I used apple cider vinegar… yes it did smell for a few minutes! I couldn’t believe how fast that horrible pain of sunburn quite literally disappeared. I have since used it on a small but deep burn on my finger where I actually soaked the burn in the vinegar for 10 minutes. Once again the burn stopped hurting completely and it healed really fast.

My early initial successes (including an insect repellent using my own mix of essential oils) have encouraged me to continue further research into all sorts of natural alternatives. I am loving how creative and intuitive my own remedies are becoming… I like to keep everything simple with the fewest ingredients possible. I haven’t made a standard cream yet but after attending some (really inspiring… check this gorgeous website… talks during the summer where I learned about medicinal properties of herbs, ingredients for creams and some different methods for making. I need to source my ingredients carefully (I want to use sustainable and organic) but I can’t wait to try my hand. My homegrown kitchen herb garden will certainly come in handy for making my macerated oils. I’m sure my other half will be a willing guinea pig in trialing my potions… He’ll be infused with sandalwood, cedar wood and frankincense…!

I love the fact that I feel safe to trust my intuitive senses to reveal an inner wisdom… It’s as if Mother Nature wants to share her gifts. And sometimes it’s as if I just knew these things all-along.


We volunteered at festivals and an eco conference this summer, which in return gives you a free entry. It was really hard work at times but so enjoyable and a completely different experience. The main reward was the friendships we formed… We met folk from all sorts of backgrounds and I feel very blessed and humbled and inspired by these people. I absolutely love that feeling you get when your energy connects with someone you only just met. Or meeting someone you resonate so powerfully with that you just know you met them before somewhere…Maybe in another time or at another place… A mutual love just materialised and it formed new families wherever we travelled. Thank you, you know who you are. X

So onwards I go, not sure of next steps but trying to let go and trust during some unsettled times. I do believe we each have a life purpose and our own path to follow, not a destination as such or a final resting place, for if we stand still for too long I believe we might stagnate. But, a path yes, conspired on my behalf – by the universe, that, I can get my head and heart around. X

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