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Sat by the sea again today… inspiring me to draw mermaids…

Photo on 29-11-2013 at 17.25

When I was in Athens I treated myself to some expensive art paper. I need good quality paper especially if I intend to work with mixed media. I love the Strathmore mixed media paper with a velum finish. It has a really subtle texture to draw onto. So I continue to draw girls, sometimes with an ethereal ‘other worldly’ quality, – or at least that is what I am intending. Not always successful!

And as I am spending so much time at the beach at the moment I am completely inspired by the whole feeling I get from being by the sea. The power of nature, the waves, the sounds, the textures and the way the light hits the water. The colours here in Crete are truly breath-taking and there are so many beaches to choose from… I am in heaven!

It’s not all beaches here though. We are currently staying a little further inland in a cabin that is built into the steep hillside. When you are inside you feel like you are living in a tree-house with the balcony seeming like it has nothing underneath it. I’ll put a picture up in the next post as it really is a truly magical place. My favourite out of all our ‘homes’ so far. Our view, is of course… THE SEA! And because of this I am so overwhelmingly drawn to creating mermaid type creatures with long tendrils of unkempt hair and porcelain complexions…

Photo on 29-11-2013 at 17.26 #3

I can’t wait to paint some of the drawings I have been working on; sitting the girls in aqua-marines and watery greens… but first I need to find an art shop and buy some paints as my paints are all stored away safely in the UK and I don’t quite feel like going back to collect them right now…

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  1. Pam says...

    I feel inspired listening to you Wendy. You must be having warm weather, and perhaps some sun. Enjoy the magic that is Greece. I’ve never been but reading your blog has made it a place i must visit.
    Love Pam X