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Road trip…

road trip

A whirl-wind long distance road trip from where we were in Italy; across the alps and all through beautiful France… and nearly 2 weeks later I am still catching my breath. Thirty degree heat, sunshiney days, beaches, bicycles and bathing in the sea to UK weather and I am cold! And wearing my jeans for the first time since I don’t know when. I don’t feel ‘home’ at all. Home has a completely different meaning to me now.


After feeling ‘homesick’ which I wrote about here, I am noticing the same feeling after our final ferry and suddenly we are driving on the left, speaking our own language and experiencing mostly grey and inconsistent weather. All the things which could feel familiar and a comfort to me, just make me feel… well, a bit glum really.

Our trip here is necessary though to sort out some practicals and see much loved friends and family. And there’s one particular person I really can’t wait to see.

Photo on 07-06-2014 at 18.30 #3

I got my sketchbook out today for the first time in ages and although the mermaid inspirations seem to have faded for now, I am sure they will return once I am back on a sunny beach somewhere, wherever and whenever that may be…

So onwards with the fairy art, just waiting for good weather to light a photo shoot of my latest work, upload to a print company and test print onto canvas and maybe framed prints aswell, ready to sell. Storing canvas frames on the road isn’t practical at the moment and my work on paper is much more compact. A bigger van may be on our horizon to allow a few more artist luxuries!


Just a little blog post as I am still feeling weary from the journey. But I am nestled safely in a little corner of Wales with a very good friend. (Thank you x.) I have a gorgeously cosy room decorated with fairy lights (my favourite!) and I even have my own bathroom with a BATH!!! (It’s been a long time!) A lucky girl indeed.


As always, feel free to comment or message me and thanks for reading my blog! x

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  1. Sally says...

    you make me feel so …envious.. of your freedom and explorations xxx wow!! my memories of you still make me smile 🙂 xxx LOVE and BEST wishes to you xxxx

    • Wendy replied...

      thank you Sally x sorry it’s taken me a couple of weeks to see your comment. gosh, i am glad your memories make you smile! the freedom is indeed incredible although not always the easiest…. x loves back to you too x