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Part Two… of listening to my heart


As an adult, I didn’t expect to be following procedures and rules just because ‘someone says so.’ Carrying on teaching didn’t align with what my inner soul KNEW to be true. As children, some of us are used to hearing… ‘because I said so,’ and yet there I was, an intelligent professional adult, earning a good income as a teacher (see how successful I was!!) and I was following stupid rules that I didn’t believe in. All those wonderful inspirational reasons that I went into teaching for, that I gave all of my energy and precious life time to, that took me away from THE most important person in my life and I just didn’t believe in the actual reality of it… Teaching, for me, became all about jumping through hoops and filling in boxes… and just when you felt you were getting somewhere, the Government would move all the goal-posts. And guess what? It made me ill… no surprises there!

I tortured myself for a long time with the concern that I would be letting children and colleagues down if I left. But in the end, I had to walk away. I had tried by consenting to the BS for 13 years. I thought I could make a difference as my voice was the voice of truth and justice, the one coming from the place of; ‘what’s best for the pupils?’ I wasn’t prioritising government initiatives, tick boxes or league tables. I have a deep respect for ex-colleagues still there. They do a great job. But I didn’t want to be the warrior anymore… My energy for the fight was gone. It was a fight I was never going to win. It was time to honour mySELF.   Time to stop, get quiet and listen to that little voice inside my heart again.

So I let it all go… ah! Big sigh of absolute JOY AND BLISS and ‘why didn’t I do this sooner it feels so right and so GREAT?!!’


Have I looked back? No, not once. Do I feel less worthy with no income or profession? Nope! I feel a freedom I once had and lost (gave away) a long time ago to ‘the man,’ the norm, custom and convention. All well and good if that aligns with my truth. But, so much of it does NOT. Some of it feels SO wrong and misdirected and nonsensical, so, a big part of this journey of  ‘The No Plan Plan,’ is chartering these unknown waters… and at times it is hard and confusing and contains decisions and dilemmas I could never have anticipated….

We have stopped and rested here in the UK for a few months now and it has been the perfect base to lay down the preparations for our next travels. Our storage unit full of stuff has been emptied, many of the items, large and small now sold and we are left with sorting through the final layer of our belongings. No easy task that is for sure. And I have so many little things in a variety of categories… little compartment boxes have saved my life! I have learned that letting go is a wonderful release. And, of course, the new space it creates invites in the appearance of all sorts of magic! I have also learned that is OK to keep hold of the stuff that I love but don’t need right now. This is an unsettling, exciting, scary, opening as we push forward into the unknown again.


We have a vision/notice board with our ‘No Plan Plan’ plans on. Many of the creative ideas on there appeared back at the beach during our 6 months in Greece. And now the blurry vision is coming into focus. Many things appear just like magic! We are working hard on practical necessities; different storage options for the remainder of the stuff, packing, sorting, organising and James is building the interior of our new (bigger) van from scratch turning it into our new home. Newly fitted vents and skylights complete and he is currently insulating and putting in electrics. Blog post(s) and funny photographs to come for sure on this process!


We are also learning our Spanish as our next road trip will take us through France and into Spain where we have a house-sit lined up to take us well into spring-time. And after that, who knows… we are pondering on travelling around Spain and into Portugal. The weather at this point will be hot and sunny and beautiful. Yes, back to talking climate again! But one thing is sure, we love the sunshine and the feelings of happiness and well-being it brings. And after all… this is our main motivation for doing all this stuff!

So finally I have learned to listen consistently to my soul. And I remind myself everyday not just to continue listening but to actually act upon it. I am back to questioning everything. And it is the best! I am giving myself the gift of my TIME. Sometimes I use that time to just stop and breathe and think. Thank-you, I take it back and I will never give it away so easily again. I will live my life spending my time how I choose to, with honour and respect towards others and including myself. I trust my little voice in my heart above all other voices. And (as my sister would say…) I AM NOT SORRY…. Thanks for reading. X

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  1. Suzy says...

    Wendy, I so relate! Having quit my university teaching job in May, I am now listening to my heart, too.

    It’s wonderful to be in this phase.

    I look forward to seeing more of your adventures!

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you Suzy, yes it is wonderful… I wish you lots of joy in this creative place. More adventures for both of us for sure! X

  2. Kate says...

    Beautiful blog as always number 5 , I love you xxxx