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New place and NEW Gallery page!

beach house

There is not a lot happening in the Fairy Art Shop at the moment during our travels. This is mainly due to practicalities. Carrying a load of packaging stuff with us in our tiny van just isn’t possible and I would have to bring less art materials. I know which I would rather have!

Goddess of the sea

It was hard enough making choices of what to bring and what not to bring… So, I am spending my time on creativity yes, but also on really improving my drawing and technique skills. Drawing, for me is hard. And takes a huge amount of concentration and also decision making. Myself and decision making do not get on at this present moment in time! I think this is due to the fact that downsizing, selling and moving house, coupled with preparations for our trip including the tiring choices which had to be made about what STUFF I wanted to bring… It has left me in a place where I am all ‘decisioned’ out! Enough with the choosing… Actually, I am better with the big decisions, it’s mainly the small ones that leave me in a complete spin! But just get me to the beach, and I restore very quickly!

my favourite beach

Anyway, back to the point… My Gallery page… I have been aware for a while now that if people weren’t connected to my facebook page then the only art work showcased here were the nine (now six) featured images on the homepage. My webmaster and other half built me my new page and I have taken a good few weeks putting up my work. I have not included everything but think it gives a rounded picture of my development as an artist. See what you think and let me know!

Bohemian girl

As always, thanks for looking! X

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