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Loving my ‘room’…


Yes it’s my studio but it’s so so much more…. It’s a special space just for me. I get to play in here with all of my favourite things. Art stuff, fabrics, books, my computer, (of course!) and all my other little nic-nacks that really have no other place to go. I have been known to spend quite some time creating montages of things I love; just for the fun of it and to surround myself with inspiration every time I step inside…

For the last few weeks we have been decorating our house and stuff has been moved around and my poor studio ended up being a kind of holding station for what seemed like everything. It was serious in there! I mean, you would have had difficulty just walking across the room to open the blinds in the morning… And as for on-going artwork being on the floor… not a good idea really… my other half said he felt quite nervous just crossing the room to bring in cups of tea… what if he spilt something on the paintings? I just said, ‘well it’s mixed media so would only add to it!’ But, he still didn’t like it! So yesterday, as well as getting really inspired reading all the blogs I love and collaging and creating distressed backgrounds on canvas I also TIDIED UP! This meant that this morning was such a treat to come in and yes, of course there is art stuff out and it’s by no means perfect (wouldn’t want and wouldn’t be able to work in it…) but I could get in and there is a comfy place for me to sit and have my coffee in the morning with the sunlight streaming through, and I can work at my art table AND all my stuff that I love is around me!!!

So although I would make art no matter what space I had available to me, I am really blessed to have such a room at the moment. It’s a place that I really can create in.


Although a new place and studio is on the horizon and the Fairy Studio might be moving to an attic somewhere very rural… mmm just listening to the signs and seeing what unfolds… X

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