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Living in ‘that in-between-place’…


So, it’s been one year ten months to the day since we moved out of what was, our absolute ‘dream house.’ ! We can’t believe it’s been this long… And, we have no regrets, not even one. Even though we haven’t found a place (yet) to put down roots again, we are learning so much and moving forwards towards whatever that may look like, or, wherever it may be. This is an intermittent clarifying process with plenty of rest and adventures in the ‘in-between.’ And, that’s how I described it the other day; where I am, right now, I feel I am living in ‘that in-between-place,’ where I have not felt at HOME in what seems like so long.



“It is worse to stay where one does not belong at all than to wander about lost for a while…”

Clarissa Pinkola Estes

We have been in Portugal a very short time and arrived at our new house-sit a few days ago. With a new country to get used to, another new language and living in our van on the road; we found ourselves very tired. I said to James today; ‘I am feeling a bit travel weary.’ But being here for the next few weeks is a wonderful breathing space to catch our breath, do some work and just reset ourselves for the onwards journey.


After some minor health issues which had left me energy depleted (getting much better now though…), I am particularly loving this stop. Not only that, it is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous here. Not just the countryside but also the house we are staying in. This place does actually feel more like HOME than anything I have experienced in so long. It all  just feels very ‘me’.


I am hoping to get some art done here but I mainly want to concentrate on getting properly well and moving back into feeling good rather than just OK. Part of this process is working in my journals and I hope to share a bit of this process if it’s not too personal… I am happy to be able to stretch out my yoga mat again, unpack all my clothes and have space to retreat to when I want to be by myself. But at the same time I really miss living in our van too!


It’s really strange to unpack the stuff from the van aka, our house and have it all over the place again! Having everything in the van keeps life (and the STUFF) feeling really simple. This we like. But, at the moment having the space to spread out does feel rather good too.


The other thing I have not mentioned is that we are living right on the Spanish/Portuguese border. And, I mean right on the border, literally. Right now the van has 2 wheels in Portugal and 2 in Spain. If I am in the house I am in Spain but if I go and hang the washing out in the garden I am back in Portugal. And then of course is the time zone difference… We are sticking to Portuguese time because we plan to travel here for a while. Keeping things as simple as possible in every way we can works best for us.

IMG_0904 copy

Bye for now, and thanks as always for reading. X




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