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Little update…


It’s been so long since I wrote a blog post I almost don’t know where to start. So much has happened and yet in a way, nothing has happened at all… Let me try and explain better…

The little everyday routines that I do every single day (just about!) make me feel that nothing really changes. They make me feel safe and secure and even when nothing seems familiar whilst travelling; these simple rituals are my saviour. So, for example, I can make my bed anywhere, do yoga anywhere, complete my personal morning rituals of washing, dressing and drinking green smoothies anywhere. It has been these really tiny things which ground me daily during our travels.

green smoothie


After six months in Greece we are now back in Italy for a time. On the road but slow travelling too… One night here and another there becomes so tiring and we have really found our rhythm, purely through trial and error during our advemtures. What works for us and what doesn’t. It has become easier and easier to land in a new place. We know what to look for and what our immediate needs are, even when we are tired from journeying.

As for my artwork… well I have actually been working too even though some people think that I am just having a holiday!!!  I have sold some paintings before I even had chance to put them in the shop! I have had my work published twice (read about this here) and have really been practicing and improving in my drawing skills. I am also learning how to make jewellery and really enjoying this too…. Especially when my office is on the beach! I am slowly finding my way into an ‘on the road’ income and although I want a forever home again some day… it’s not on the horizon for us at the moment. Our choice. We are not ready to settle somewhere just yet. So, in the meantime I am finding ways to sell my work and be on the road. More to come on this topic later as there are a few things in the pipeline…

friendship bracelets

making jewellery from seashells...

Learning to make macrame friendship bracelets and jewellery from the ‘beach treasure’ I can’t resist collecting…

And, I am definitely a beach girl. Totally. Yes, I love mountains and forests and being out in nature anywhere… but, I LOVE the beach. It seems to instantly and magically restore me. Walking barefoot on the warm sand, bathing in the sea and soaking up some sunshine rays is the best therapy for just about anything. And I have seen some of the MOST beautiful beaches lately. Perhaps I’ll write a beach post next time… or a van travels post, or an ‘all about’ Italy? … mmm… but whatever it will be… it will be soon as I have so many stories to share.

favourite beach

This really is just a little update but I will write more in the coming days as we have stopped again for a little while and I have good internet here too. And of course I am not far from some very beautiful beaches which always keep me topped up with inspirations!


Thanks for reading and feel free to comment below or email me! X


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  1. jan says...

    You are looking SO well, SO healthy and SOO relaxed !!!!

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you Jan! x what a lovely thing to say, and it’s true, I do feel good!!! XXX