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Little canvas minis, visioning and something special for my mum…


These are 2 of my mini 5″ x 7″ canvases all finished and in my new Etsy shop. They even have a touch of gold and sparkle to add to their magic. The drawing evolved through a little pen sketch I did in my journal and after recreating her and painting her in different ways I then created a layered background for her to live in! It can be quite a long process waiting for the layers to dry but that’s ok if you have a few paintings on the go at the same time. I also incorporated some French vintage text from the graphics fairy and some musical score paper too. I am thinking now of creating a number of these, each with their own special message from the fairies and each one completely unique with different colours and backgrounds. I also have lots of other drawings of little fairies which I have been working on so I am going to change the fairy too. Each of the girls has a different personality and I find different ones appealing on different days. I was even thinking that I could create custom made ones through my Etsy shop, whereby people could choose which fairy they liked best, which message on the text and which colours too… mmm lots of ideas swirling inside my head this week… These are just crops of the girls. If you want to see more go to Etsy and have a look! And please, please tell me what you think, I love feedback… x



I am also working on a fairy specially for my mum too. This is quite hard to get right as I really want my mum to love her and she is an artist too! I have been drawing all week and now think the right fairy has emerged… so I will post a photo to show how she turns out when I have finished her.

The Suzi Blu art journalling class I have been taking is giving me fabulous on-going inspiration. I have been writing and writing and doodling and the more I write, the more I can find what it is I am truly searching for right now. It is so so good! I have been creating little vision boards and writing letters to the universe and really tuning into what I want next as a huge change for us is on the horizon. And, while this very exciting it also feels inevitably scary at times too, so the journalling has really been helping me process all the ‘stuff’ that goes hand in hand with change… I am really grateful to Suzi and the artist community she has built… x



Now both myself and other-half are both working mostly from home we are finding that we are LOVING it! We feel liberated! I do teach still because I do need income but only on a really part-time basis, (and when I do now I really enjoy being with the children because I have the energy and time to give to them.) We went out for country walks this week and loved the fact that it was mid-week. Not many people were about and it just felt so luxurious! I am noticing that I really have time now to appreciate the little things and notice just how abundant I actually am. Not financially no, and we buy most stuff second hand now or do without, but abundant in the most important way… like I am feeding my soul with the things it truly desires… fresh air, trees, sunshine on my face, walking hand in hand, open log fires, looking after myself, having time to really listen… and having the complete FREEDOM to spend my time precisely how I choose to… Escaping the ‘rat-race’ has changed everything… and I thoroughly recommend it!

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