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Left alone in Lisbon and other happenings…


I can’t remember my last post but I do know it’s been a little while since I have updated anything here. Having just returned to the south coast of Portugal to explore some of the quieter beaches in the Algarve and Alentejo regions, we are taking some time out just for us. To regroup, check in and clarify. Some people may think this sounds crazy since they view what James and I are doing as one long holiday. And, indeed, I can understand this perspective. And… it does feel like a wonderfully joyful way of life for us because it is what we have CHOSEN. But, we neither experience nor view it as a holiday. Just simply; our life.


And as life ebbs and flows (sorry but I am by the sea!) with all its highs and lows, we have recently had a mixture of all sorts of challenges. A mixture of; un-wellness, serious illness of a close family member, a few important practical decisions, work deadlines, moving and travelling weariness and heat exhaustion. We therefore feel the need to recharge our batteries and refill our cups.


I recently took part in an on-line woman’s retreat and in one of the sessions I heard this put in a beautiful way by Shakaya Leone. The discussion was focussed on giving and receiving and described the best place to come from when giving to others is from “your saucer and not from your cup.” So, let me explain… Many of us give, give, give, until we feel empty, tired and even sometimes so depleted that eventually resentment creeps in. The idea is that you fill your own cup, yourself, until it overflows into the saucer – and you give from there!

Not always easy to full-fill in a life so busy with demand, but, I strive to do this and giving from this place does, for me, feel so much more joyful.


I can hear myself now, from this point forward, at those times when I am becoming energy depleted (one of my big challenges…) saying; “I’m just disappearing for a while to fill my cup.”


I was recently left alone here while James travelled to the UK. And, yes, I was apprehensive about this at first but it turned out to be wonderfully empowering! I am so used to doing everything with James and being in the van we are so used to living in a tiny space together. So, to be by myself felt very strange indeed. The best times were having the whole van space to myself. My tiny home in the pine forest just outside lovely Lisbon. I could spread out all my stuff to sort or get my craft box out to create… And, the worst times were waking in the middle of the night alone there. But, I turned it all around for myself… I switched on my butterfly fairy lights, or my tiny owl night light (present from my mumma), or read my kindle (The Mermaid Chair), or just lay there embracing it and listening to the owls.


We had parked under an enormous pine tree who became my guardian and ‘my’ two other trees became my sentinels. I felt safe, calm and loved. And, close to nature. My awareness of my power and independence returned.


I have actually written more but I will save it for another blog post as this is getting a bit long already. More to come on our next plans to take us into next year and I also have a few journal pages to share. Bye for now. X

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