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I’ve been hibernating!


It’s been a while since my last post… I suppose partly due to the holidays where we were busy visiting family a long way away, up in the mountains of the North! But also, if I’m honest because I love to hibernate in the winter… After my Vintage Fairies were complete I had a quiet contemplation period for a few weeks where I didn’t really get any art done. But I am never wanting to put pressure on the creative process as I just like to try and let it flow. Ok, sometimes there are deadlines and work to do for a specific purpose and to discipline yourself is good I feel. But, not so often, not too much, if you know what I mean…

There has been a lot of changes recently to get my head around and even though everything feels really positive and ‘meant to be’, it still rings true that change can feel very big and scary… Nor are these changes over yet by any means… but, I just need to remember to let go and allow things to simply unfold. And to breathe of course! A picture is forming in my head now of where geographically I want to be and I desperately want to feel I belong somewhere, be truly ‘home’. Where that is; we haven’t quite pin-pointed… yet… but it’s brewing…! Lovely and exciting and new adventures to be had… but the fear of the new sometimes prevents me from creating and making art. It seems to put me in a state of artistic inactivity. To make permanent marks on paper or canvas seems just too big a commitment at those unsettled times. So I hibernate in every corner of my life… (which I do secretly love… x)

I am definitely waking up though. Spring is around the corner now and I can feel myself ‘blossoming’ everytime I am making art these days. I have been working on no specific project, that is the project if you see what I mean! And I have been taking an on-line class with a mixed media artist called Suzi Blu. It’s not just an art course but a life journalling, visioning, writing, self-explorative and creative EXTRAVAGANZA! It’s wonderful and I love it… It has been the Christmas present to myself… because I’m definitely worth it!!! So, thank you to me! For giving me a present, just for ME! Everyone should give themselves a present from time to time… It’s too easy to forget to look after yourself in all the ways it’s possible to. So, go, do something for you… what are you waiting for? X

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