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Italy to Athens – a bit sooner than we planned…


Leaving Italy early due to our accommodation not working out was the best thing that could have happened. We feel at home in Greece and have done ever since we crossed the sea. It has been a much easier and a simplified experience compared to Italy. And we are not wanting to be negative about Italy at all. It is a beautiful place with beautiful people and we are so grateful to everyone we met and the welcome we received. It was just that we didn’t feel quite right there. We can’t, even now put our fingers on why… it was just the way it felt to us.

After leaving an apartment we weren’t happy with in Ostuni (truly stunning place also known as the ‘White City’) we wild camped on the beach for a few nights looking for alternative accommodation. After not getting responses and things feeling difficult we asked the universe for an easy solution. We had planned on going further south into Puglia (the heel) and spending more time getting to know the place before catching the ferry to Greece but a rapid change of heart and a last minute idea from James and everything just fell into place… We had found a lovely beach cove and were looking for a potential place to spend the night when as we sat on the beach, watching the sunset over a beer, we decided to just head to the ferry port and jump on the next ferry.

There are approximately seven ferry ports in Brindisi and somehow James managed to find the right one straight-away even though our Tom Tom didn’t know it. The tickets were bought, no queueing and straight on the boat we got! As we had rough camped for the last couple of nights we decided to splash out on a cabin and oh what a glorious shower/sleep/rest and recharge we got! I woke up the next morning to a note saying… ‘on deck’ in a big heart… and in pjs and uggs I went up to find beautiful bright sunshine and James sat on deck. The sea was so smooth and calm and everything was perfect. To have travelled so fast from our life back in the UK and suddenly we were about to arrive in Greece. Hopefully our final destination for the winter. And time to slow down and really have chance to finally, at last, catch our breath. We keep having those moments where we have a reality check and complete in the moment experience of what we have done and where we are and this was definitely one of those. Pure joy!


We drove off that ferry with no Greek phrase book, no maps and no sat nav of Greece either. I remember us saying that we needed water, fuel and a bank which we found within minutes of debarking and then James saying, he wondered how far it was to Athens. A road sign in Greek and Latin alphabet appeared and then how far… well, suffice to say, it was all meant to be. Everything just flowed so smoothly for the next few days… We arrived at Athens with no where to stay but then the most enormous sign appeared reading  ‘CAMPING ATHENS!” And yes it was even in English! So that’s where we stayed for our first week (the cleanest campsite we have stayed at to date and beautifully shaded underneath the olive trees) and then we left there to stay at a more central apartment. This surprisingly saved us money as it was only half as much dollar as the campsite. James’ bike getting pride of place within of course!


We needed a longer stop… to plan our next moves, regroup, recharge and ground and also get practical stuff done too. Another week meant we could do all this at a leisurely pace and spend some time getting to know Athens. And also, for the first time, I set up a proper little fairy studio and got some art done. I loved it!


There is an area near the Acropolis called Monastiraki and we spent time just wandering around, soaking up the atmosphere, enjoying the sunshine, markets and drinking beers. Heaven. If you’ve never visited Athens, I would definitely recommend it. We plan to return some day.





So onwards… And I have to say, once we reached the warm temperatures and slowed down our journey, we have both been enjoying the travels much more. Some days, even in Athens we were simply too tired out to go out and see the sights. In fact, I think it took us about a week before we did!



It is just a case of finding out what works for us now we are actually on the road and this is an on-going evolving process. The beauty of it is that we get to CHOOSE! We are trying to ‘be’ in each moment and are constantly surprised by the challenges and surprises. Thank you universe for always providing what we need especially when times have been difficult. (No, it’s not all fun and it’s not at all like being on holiday…)


I keep thinking I would like to write more regularly on this blog, but then, I just don’t. I am researching my new environment and getting into the flows and rhythms of our new life as best as possible. Sometimes this is very tiring and I just don’t have energy to tell or share… I am writing now from the Island of Crete. It’s beautiful. The weather is sunny and warm and I am once again spending regular time on the beach. My total love!


Quick, before I go… I am still being grateful (May blog – Being Grateful) and practising regularly finding three things I am grateful for in the moment, so here goes… one; to my heart, for guiding me, two; to my love, for driving me the whole way here! And three, to the universe, for bringing these two things together…  I still recommend doing this, especially when you might be feeling a little low. It lifts me faster into bliss than any other thing I know. X

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Tonight I am wondering whether I will be able to create art on the road as so far I haven’t really painted much, just drawings and pen sketches… But we will see. I think now we are stationary for the winter it will be easier. I am looking forward to setting up a more permanent studio that is for sure. Currently house hunting here so I will let you know where we end up for the next few months. Love from Crete! (for now!)

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  1. Jaz says...

    Ohhhh wow wend, what a way to go. It sounds wonderful. Iv only just seen your blog so I shall look forward to reading some more. Take great care of each other and enjoy every second of your new life. Xxx

  2. Tracy Johnson says...

    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time Wendy. Envy you and think you’re both very brave! Been to Crete and it’s beautiful. Enjoy! x

  3. Carolyn Lown says...

    I envy you, Crete is lovely, although I’ve never been there this late in the year.
    Don’t know how far out of the cities you want to be but there was a British lady renting out an apartment near Fodele earlier in the year.Bali/Balion is a nice village, although I gather it is virtually totally shut down this time of year.Stone Village there rents apartments all year round I think.For me if you want to live in a town Rethymnon is better than either Chania or Heraklion.Hope you find somewhere good to settle for a while.

  4. jan says...

    Great, interesting blog. Lovely to hear your news, I’ve never been to Italy or Greece.
    I’ve been doing the 3 things to be grateful for (in theory) for a while, actually In reality I needed that reminder,so thank you so much Wendy. Xxxx