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I have been out in the garden today building a nature sculpture out of onion seed heads, foraging, and seed collecting. The sunshine was bright and I notice how I welcome the rays on my bones. So, beautiful autumn is here and I am thinking ahead of ways to keep warm this winter…


My partner and I decided to get creative and ponder how we could change the way we live in our house both to keep warm and conserve energy. Last winter we saved a fortune just by heating one room instead of the whole house and we feel very passionate about not only saving money but also becoming more sustainable in our energy consumption. The permaculture influences feeding ever more into our shared dream; to live lightly on the earth. Having a low impact on the environment in everything we do… Respecting nature’s cycles and resources right down to those tiny little things that sometimes never even get considered due to our ever-busy lifestyles.




Inevitably one thing always leads onto the next and being in nature; walking, sitting, working, thinking and meditating (in the sunshine!) encourages my contemplations about our connections with the earth, ancient ways and magics, the old ways of the Celts, Druids and the Bards and learning about the ancient people of our lands who lived in harmony within the rhythm of the natural cycles.


Little tiny things…


I have recently become fascinated by seeds, thinking about how a humble tiny seed transforms and gives us abundant gifts and food to eat. Plant ALCHEMY… and our very survival. And, how we as a global generation, seem too distracted to notice the sacredness of the seed. I feel a passionate rant coming on…

So, why do we allow big corporations to patent seed? These companies now OWN the rights of indigenous seeds of Africa, India and South America. They then sell their own hybrid and genetically modified versions back to the farmers. These seeds don’t yield, as they are not naturally resistant to local pests, diseases and climate, unlike the original indigenous seed, which has taken hundreds and thousands of years to evolve. These seeds have been stolen. Of course now the farmers need to buy pesticides from these companies and because the new seeds are hybrid versions, and therefore sterile, and therefore don’t produce usable seeds for the following year, so, the farmers ALSO have to buy new seeds EVERY year… (Mmm, who is profiting here? When researching anything, being sometimes cynical and a little suspicious of motives… I always follow the money trail…) Many of the farmers have committed suicide as a result, a shocking 250,000 in India.


If you want to know more check out this half hour film narrated by Jeremy Irons, Seeds of Freedom and Vandana Shiva has been campaigning for years for seed sovereignty, check out her latest campaign; ‘Occupy the Seed’, and Seed Freedom.


I never plan my posts and can never predict an outcome, and, I have realised something about myself today; I really ENJOY the flow of writing! I consider myself very lucky to have some time to research and DO WHAT I LOVE at the moment and feel obliged to share this particular issue as many out there perhaps don’t share the time luxury I currently have. Much LOVE to all, as always. X






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