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How I learned to take care of myself again…


Hi! Here I am! I have not been regularly blogging nor have I been showing my face in quite some time. Maybe because winter months always make me want to hibernate and maybe because a lot of sad things happened last year which made me melancholy and want to hide myself away. And truthfully I had not been taking care of myself very well at all. But, I have been recalibrating, finding my balance in the discombobulation (favourite word!) that is life and nuturing and restoring to the max.

My self-care tool box contains some extra non-negotiable items these days. Over the past few years of being nomadic, I have found that the ever-changing homespace has created some gaps in how easy it is to look after myself. Time and thought was needed and although some things just cannot be matched, (please Goddess find me a bath of my own!) most things can be overcome with just a little imagination.

During travelling I have been pretty consistent with making green smoothies and doing yoga but sometimes eating habits get too comfortable in the convenience of crisp sandwiches (perfect for vanlife!) and yoga is challenging during the times we are living in our van. We have a big, old motorhome nowadays but I can’t stretch my hands above my head when standing so I have adapted sun-salutations to match the space… And the bread/crisp dinners had to go!

Recently we were house and dog sitting in Wales and I knew that I was going to enjoy taking care of Callie (the dog!) but I had no idea what other treasure she was going to bring me. Having this little bundle of joy anticipating us taking her out everyday and watching her swim in the river and run wildly around the woods got me happy and got me much fitter. And, to help Callie adjust to not having her family around for a few months we got her into a little routine – which helped me too… Not to mention the pure well-being effects to be had from all the love and cuddles and endless tummy tickles too. We got a big old dose of nature and dog therapy every-single-day.

Of course, saying goodbye was hard, (we were so sad) and we still miss that little bundle of fuzzy fun but, it kick-started me back into good routines and habits. Callie reminded me of just how much I need to get out each day, whatever the weather (or my mood) to connect with nature and move my body. Thank you Callie.

So now I just need to keep it up, and maybe step it up and reap those benefits. Although I have discovered a new love of dark chocolate… but everything needs balance, doesn’t it? How do you take care of yourself and are you trying any new things to keep yourself inspired and accountable? I just realised that I blogged about all this some time ago and maybe I should have read it earlier to remind myself (regularly) just how ESSENTIAL self-care really is – you can find that post here. Thanks for reading my blog! Xx



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  1. Becca @ The Married Cat Lady says...

    Dogs truly are a magical species; our pup, Nellie, truly brings so much joy into our lives. When she sprints around our backyard with a giant stick in her mouth, she reminds me to find joy in the little things. When she licks my face because she knows I’m sad, she reminds me of the good in the world. It’s the little things that really make the biggest difference, isn’t it?

  2. Theresa Bailey says...

    I totally understand how easy it is to get off track. Baby steps I say. One small positive change at a time 🙂

  3. Samantha says...

    You are such an inspirational lady my friend ? thank you, love you! Xxx

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you & I totally love <3 you too... xxx