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How to make the right BIG decisions…

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Let me make one thing clear- this stuff isn’t easy. For me, making decisions is really really hard most of the time. And, I am no expert and probably use far too much energy making my decisions at the moment. But, I am still learning and I am a perpetual work in progress. This blog post is about what I have learned so far in my on-going quest to be able to make all my decisions with EASE and with HONOUR.

Living a nomadic ever changing existence means we have a ton of little (and BIG) decisions to make every-single-day. How do we do it and stay sane on the no plan plan? And, as most of our decisions affect us both we need to check in carefully with how the other person feels. Really connecting with TRUTH and CLARITY are key for us to be able to do this.


Here are 7 things I do…


Intuitive feelings from heart or gut

Does it make me ill and feel sick, or do I have butterflies which feel exciting? Or, do I just feel ‘not right’ about something? How are different parts of my body reacting and what is this telling me? Using a pendulum can help here to access your inner wisdom.

My Decision Maker

I use this all the time for myself or to help others (number one best daughter!) make decisions. I made it on the Life Restoration course from the Brave Girls which I won a place on about three years ago. It’s a really helpful tool to make sure you ask yourself the all right questions to base decisions from HONOUR. Honour for the self and honour towards others. One of the questions from here which I love:

‘What am I saying no to if I say yes to this decision, and is my sacrifice more important than the actual decision itself?’

Receiving Messages in Dreams

I love to sleep on it! I ask a question before I fall asleep and often wake up with answers which just feel right. Sometimes I know I have played out different scenarios in my dreams to find out what I need to do.¬† Sometimes it feels like I always knew the answer but wasn’t truly listening to my inner soul. And sometimes it feels like I have been guided by angels, God(dess)/Universe, spirit guides (or whatever you like to call it). This process can also include visioning in a day dream or shamanic journeying.

If your're waiting for a sign, this is it!

Looking for signs from the Universe

For me this can be anything from finding a quote or an article at just the right time to getting physically lost, but discovering something completely unexpected and even more wonderful than originally planned. I just need to make sure I remember to stay alert and open to receive! I love to use my angel cards here too for expanding any messages.


This one speaks for itself really but it may help to say something here about how I meditate. I am not one usually found in the lotus position meditating with ease and serenity. My best time for meditation is between 2am and 4 am when I am often awake, or during yoga, or walks in nature. I also love to meditate when first waking, during that in between time of being not quite awake but not still asleep. I just like to remember that there are no rights or wrongs for meditation. Just finding the ways that work for me has been enormously helpful.

Art Journalling and Writing

Doing this either on my own or with others. Especially when faced with the more complex decisions with no clear yes or no; no obvious right or wrong. Those tricky ‘grey area’ decisions.

Finally, I like to ask myself this…


“I know what the old me would do, but what would the new me do?”

Do it Girl


So, what to do when we come to a fork in the road? Is there a ‘right’ and is there a ‘wrong’ way? Or, is there only an ever winding path that leads us where we need to be anyhow? My thoughts on this are; you cannot make a wrong turn. Only sometimes a choice is made that can end up feeling uncomfortable or just ‘wrong’. But inevitably, another fork in the road appears to get us back on the ‘right’ path. And, on those occasions where I have not followed my intuition, gut, heart or inner-soul voice, (or whatever you like to call it) and I end up knowing I made the ‘wrong’ choice… I pause to look at it, and learn from it and move onwards. It simply reinforces to me the need to follow my inner knowing on the next (big or small) decisions to be made. Because one thing is for sure – there is always another one just around the corner… (Damn it!)

And lastly, my grandma used to say; ‘never make a decision after midday’, and I try to follow that too. This rule ensures that I am never constantly pondering on a decision and wearing myself out (although I still sometimes do this when I forget this guideline.) It gives me breathing space – a ‘time out’. It also gives me the powerful benefit of utilising my dream messages (if there are any) with just enough time to integrate any new insights these may bring.

Thanks so much for reading and please feel free to comment or message (my comments on here are working again). I would love to know things you do in order to help in the decision making process.

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