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Freedom Journaling Group – Sneak Peek Video…


Although it is way out of my comfort zone and I am much happier here in the safety of ‘Blog Land,’ I am stretching my butterfly wings into the world of making videos. I am feeling the fear but I am doing it anyway. I am making informal vlogs  in my private Freedom Journaling Group on Facebook as-well-as starting to film footage needed for my on-line courses. I have about five workshop outlines so far; the Ideas Fairies (read more about them here) are not leaving me alone. So, I have much to do! The following quote expresses perfectly my intentions.



“What’s your dream?” he asked, tucking her hair behind her ears.

“Well… It might sound a bit crazy,” she giggled shyly, “but my dream is to change the world. I want to awaken others to the power that is within them. Imagine what  a beautiful world this would be if everyone loved themselves and knew their inner worth! Still need to figure out how to do it though!” She smiled.

“No dream is too crazy… And you know how you’ll do it? By being you. By owning your power. By loving yourself. You’ll automatically inspire others to do the same. Like a mirror. Changing the world starts within…”

Yaiya Rosen


So this is exactly what I am doing!

Today I made my third ever vlog for the Freedom Journaling Group. I love sharing in this way as it brings a much more personal and intimate feel to the group space. I even surprised myself at learning some (very) basic technical skills needed too. But most of all, it feels really empowering to finally be freeing my voice and speaking my truth.

There is a preview video below to wet your appetite if you have ever felt like journalling but have not known where to start, or, if you love journaling and would like a private space to share your pages, ideas and experiences. This group is for everyone. You don’t need to be an artist, be able to draw or be confident in your writing. You don’t even need to have ever journalled before. Have a look, it is completely free and you would be most welcome. Xx

This group really is for everyone. I will show you what I do, how I start and give weekly prompts, check-ins, share my journals & inspirations and the process of making my pages. I share regular vlogs in there too of my art process and journaling as-well-as my ‘Unexpected Gypsy‘ lifestyle with; van-life, travels and nomadic artist ups and downs.  Come and join in the fun where shifts, healing and miracles happen all because of our brave journaling – which sets us FREE… which is why I have named it – FREEDOM Journaling! Xx I have set myself free of so many things over the past four years and want to share how I did/do it! See the whole vlog and others and so much more if you join us in the group!!! Xx Find me here… Freedom Journaling with Wendy Fairy Art.

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  1. Brian Elliott Blog says...

    Was trying to view the video but it would not play. Anyway, I was petrified to make my first few videos. However, I have gotten over it. I was told that this would happen over time, so just keep making them. In no time, you will feel comfortable before the camera.

  2. Jan says...

    Wow, how BRILLIANT is that !!!! Well done you. Sending love and big hugs to you Wendy xx

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks Jan, I really appreciate you!! Xxxx