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Finding balance during the process of making my Dreams Come True…


My recent Creative Bubble and Ideas Fairies Party (I wrote about in my last blog post) have completely overwhelmed and worn me out. I need to learn to pace myself wisely for definite because I would love to remain open to the possibility of receiving this much inspiration on a very regular basis. Yes please – I am loving it! All my juices are flowing but my energy fire has decided it needs a BIG rest and I am even sick at the moment too; writing this post from my bed. But I am not sad or feeling sorry for myself. Quite the opposite.

I am revisiting past inspirations and reigniting connections to my muses and that is just firing me up even more. There is so much inspiration in my life I almost need a map to help navigate the timely returns to certain things. But, I trust completely that the exact quote, person, or whatever it is, finds me at precisely the right moment – whether brand new to me or a visit from an old friend, like Anais Nin last week…

I am trying so hard to keep up with myself. But I am also eager for more, so I do need to find my balance. This is what I seek this week. I will put it out there right now!


“I endeavour to find BALANCE between my inspirational inpourings and MY creativity outpourings, AND, (most importantly of all) incorporate really, REALLY good self care routines.”


The intention is that my creative practise and daily rituals form part of my self-care and soul searching work. This then comes through into my artwork, journals, writings and paintings. I believe everything we create is a form of self-portrait in this way… My creative practice taps into the depths of my soul and then my paintings and words manifest from there. This is what I mean when I (try to) explain to others that I don’t plan but work intuitively.

I think this is also why my work incorportates so many layers of words. I am a natural communicator with many (I have come to realise) messages wanting to come out into the world. Visual artwork ‘verbalises,’ the meanings so uniquely and beautifully for me. Speaking the words just wouldn’t cut it.

And my final point is that I am finding and freeing my speaking voice too into the Wonderland of Video. I have very recently started making ‘vlogs,’ in my Freedom Journaling group. It really felt like the perfect and safe place for me to start, so I just did it. And by just starting there it has at last opened up to me the making of the video content necessary for my online workshops. A dream of mine for such a long time but didn’t truly believe I COULD do it. Well, watch out world, here I come – about to take the creative journaling world by storm! And, of course, because this is me, I am obviously working intuitively on the ‘project-management,’ side of things too. Next to appear (I think but I do need to check with the Fairies) is the short promotional video I am making all about my Freedom Journaling concept of self-directed, creative healing… My free group is here and also, watch this space for more, as there is definitely more, the Fairies assure me of it! But now I must rest, restore and sleep! Xx

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  1. Diana Frajman says...

    May you always be in the creative flow. P.S. I love the spirit beam on the first picture <3

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you, what a lovely wish for me… and yes, undoctored pic… amazing!! Xx

  2. Lisa Orchard says...

    I love that last pic. Is that your artwork? I’d be interested in it if it is… 🙂

    • Wendy replied...

      Hi Lisa, thank you, I appreciate your comment. Yes, it is my current journal that I am working in and yes, my own artwork. Xx