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Finally settling after Two and a Half Years on the road???


After only two months in the UK, we are starting to get itchy travel feet again! Don’t get me wrong – I do like the UK, but, I just don’t feel right here anymore. Spending the last two and a half years slow-travelling through six countries in our van, and some wonderful house-sits in between, we really are clarifying what we truly enjoy most about the different locations.


We have been so fortunate to end up in this gorgeously secluded farm. With a cat to take care of and the wildness of the North Yorks Moors literally on our (sometimes very snowy) doorstep. We have loved the comforts, warmth and rest offered here. But, right now we are preparing to leave. Two months have passed by and after really enjoying this long stop enabling us to recharge and regroup after our long journey from Portugal, and having proper catch-ups with my wonderfully inspiring (and very cute!) daughter, it is time to move on (again).


We continue to follow our hearts and our beloved ‘no-plan-plan.’ Right from the word go we have only ever short-term planned. There is no bigger picture or even a medium term one. When we very first left the UK in 2013 the only preparations we made was a stop in Paris. I think some people thought us crazy. And, quite rightly so, what has been wonderful for us would not be everyones cup of tea.


I always have happy memories of Paris, but on this ocassion, they are particularly wonderful. We cycled around the sites and began our new life. It did get cold though in the van and I had to use my hairdryer to keep my feet warm! I wrote about this here. We did warm up in Italy and Crete, so it was all good!

Side note; my most essential van-life travel item for colder months is definitely my hot water bottle!

Maybe a big part of my resistance against too much planning is due to teaching for so too long. When I left, I chose not to be ruled by the clock.  I refuse to wear a watch and I prefer flowing over planning. And, I am NOT sorry! This works out perfectly for us.


Please understand though, living this way isn’t always the easy option. The rosy specs are off. Anything outside ‘normal expectation’ or unconventional is always going to present challenges. Plans change for us all the time and we have learned to adapt at the drop of a hanky. We have had to! We have also found that something wonderful always seems to appear and it’s always the right thing even if sometimes it’s the most unexpected! Always, just what we need and at exactly the right time. Yes, we do believe in miracles, no-limts and the magical timing of the Universe. It has guided us well so far…


There is always a BIG SIGH though when we think about settling down somewhere again. When we find the right place to stop and it’s actually time for us to put roots down again. To simply be, nest and be surrounded by the beautiful familiarity of sameness and the peace to be found in routines… But, I wonder, would we get bored? Would we get the travel fever again? Yes, we do ponder on this question.


But for now, it’s back to the short term planning. My latest, most useful planning tool comes in the form of a ‘bullet journal.’ And, I so wish I had come across this wonderfully simple solution long ago, and, had I known about this in my teaching days – WOW, I think it may have just changed my world!


If you haven’t heard of bullet journalling and are interested in some kind of uniquely adaptive way of life planning, productivity enhancing (and just getting more stuff done!) then I do suggest you research more. There is so much information online and probably the best place to start is youtube. I will write more about this soon as I have been using it a month to date and find it awesomely useful in a most unexpected way. I am singing the praises loudly on here and everywhere I go! As always, thanks for reading my blog. X

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  1. Jan says...

    Always, always love reading your blog, lovely lady xxxx