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Fairy Whisperings!

After a very busy time at work, not much has been happening in the world of real fairy cards work… but, I am receiving some fantastic feedback from fairy lovers who are very generously giving advice on how to move forwards on the artwork. I seem to carry around all my fairy art in my head at the moment due to lack of energy after working on the day job. This is becoming more and more frustrating for the little wee folk! (Those fairies really aren’t so sweet as they look you know, they are very strong willed little tinkers with a lot of spirit!) So, I have been thinking… now is the time… get the next set of fairies out there… The fairy whisperings are then… simplify designs as I am feeling I have overworked some of the art… I want to play with their characters more and look at making a set of fairies specifically for little girlies… I am also in process of finalising sets of wedding stationery, generic stationery, bookmark crops and some minature greeting cards… I have mocked some of the minatures up to play with sizes and they are so cute which really fits my fairy theme… I suppose the most important part of the work is that I enjoy it so much… They may be mischievous at times, but these fairies really are good company to keep!

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