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Fairy Art Website, time to change and grow…


Jimmy a.k.a. the Webmaster, has been updating the website over the past few weeks. Working it full time and then some more… He has been concerned that the artwork was not presented in the best way possible and also felt the shop needed a complete facelift as new cards are ready with series II of the fairy art. The artwork now has its own page and in fact that was one of the first things to change; the creation of pages on the site… with a new addition of a links page too. The website overhaul has been a much bigger job than we imagined. As we made each change and adaptation, new issues arose… inevitably so. It has been a really organic process for us. Loving the new gold text instead of the pink too… The blog proved to be causing issues as it is getting longer now and needed organising, including crops of pictures needing some reworking too. The main logic problems for us were in creating a completely new shop. With the amount of fairy art cards growing by the day, James really wanted to find a customer friendly solution when building the new version of our on-line shop. Thus, the time spent trying out various options to maximise user interface. (Yes, I now understand ui, it’s like a whole new language sometimes!) I suppose it is only honest to say here that during our design meetings he often speaks in an entirely foreign language, but, has become quick to recognise when my eyes start to glaze over… it’s maybe time for a tea break! Thanks a lot for your dedication Jimmy dot… We are still working on the shop and the homepage, which are going to look quite different soon and a new logo is nearly finalised too… feedback, as usual is welcome.



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