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I haven’t shared my story for the last few blogs really as I have been hibernating and feeling quite private. But I am feeling wonderful most days and know it is because I am living my authentic life by following my artistic path. Oh, it’s not quite what ‘the man’ intended, and indeed he must be rather dismayed at my lack of income and tax offerings… and I won’t deny to you that letting go of regular wages wasn’t a scary step. But, that was the only part that I felt stuck to. I knew a long time ago that I didn’t feel right following a completely conventional life. I have often in life felt like a mis-fit, never quite sure of my place with people. I have also always had a rebellious nature against any authority figures, (just ask my mum about her time living with Wendy the teenager…!) And, as well as these things, I have always been drawn to people who were following their dreams, living their life as they wanted to and not how the system dictates. “Oh well, everyone has a job they hate and a mortgage by fraudulent bankers and goes to state school and plods on regardless too tired at the weekends to persue their true purpose in life, and therefore I have to do that too!”  My little inner soul was screaming “NO!” It seemed that the more I was wishing to be free, the more people and situations the universe was throwing into my path to show me all my dreams were possible.

So, it all started with me making wishes and  just by believing, I have manifest a completely different lifestyle for myself. I make art most days. Often just by intuitively mark making and letting what is inside OF ME come out! How fabulous is that? Sometimes what comes out is not great and I abandon or reshape much of my work. But sometimes, the art just flows and I know immediately when this is happening… It’s like a magical process from beginning to end. I have to just let go. Much of my subject matter contains angels, fairies and other magical characters and I like to connect to the other worlds by journeying there or inviting them to journey to me. I allow my sensitive nature to let them into my world and feel the energies most days now.

Speaking of journeying… let me share a little story of recent syncronicity… My other half recently bought me a truly wonderful little book about nature spirits. The words and drawings inspired me and I felt it a really special gift where my loved one was showing how he truly knew me. (I have never felt like a misfit with him…) I took it away with me during a recent trip in our little campervan ‘Dom!’ It was the only book I brought with me apart from my favourite art journal.  So, ‘coincidentally’ I met the author of the book and was lucky enough to attend a couple of her wonderful workshops where she shared her experiences and techniques of Celtic shamanic journeying. It was very powerful stuff. Afterwards I showed her the book, told her I didn’t know she would be there and also that it was the only book I had brought with me… She wrote in my book and it now has become even more of a treasure to me. I share her gorgeous website here;

I could have never spared myself the time, space nor the energy before whilst working a full-time job… and distracted by deadlines, stress and the clock. Now I barely need a clock. I take back MY time. I OWN it and I have the POWER. I share my gifts of art, honesty, communication and LOVE. I share LOVE in my work and put my heart into all that I create. I make the art I WANT, not what I think people will like. And, I could write a whole other blog post on how I had insecurities regarding my work and how unimportant or naive it might be. Bla bla… But, I don’t care (most days), I do still feel the fear at times. I am living in my bliss. My intuition guides me gently but firmly. So, to conclude, no, I don’t know how the stupid amount that is our mortgage will be paid, but I trust the universe to show me; guiding me in the direction of the things which really matter.  Maybe we’ll end up living in Dom, or a tree-house or a gypsy caravan! I just don’t know, but it FEELS right for me to unstick, slowly but surely. If any of my words resonate with you, I hope that by reading this you can free your soul too and hear it sing like mine! If I can, you can… So, final word, yes, I feel ‘out there’ and a touch vulnerable sharing my story, but if it helps or inspires one person out there to follow their true purpose and authentic path, then it is so worth it. Sending love and blessings to all. X

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  1. Jimmy says...

    Wow baby, what an amazing post. Love it and love you muchos x