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Day 13… a day of disasters and soup!


If your mac dies, and you are a digital nomad… it can spell out a disaster. But, luckily James has the ultimate tech kit and knowledge, and, the use of my mac! While we have been travelling and homeless and mostly abroad I have actually dropped my laptop on a marble floor and whilst it did sustain three corner dents it was/is FINE! James on the other hand had a camera lens disaster in Athens, push-bike problems, dropped and smashed up his iphone in Italy and suffered the absolute lap-top DEATH in Crete! Having learned on our previous travels we are becoming more prepared by bringing the right stuff with us and having the confidence we can source most (not all) stuff abroad.


I have been looking, unsuccessfully for the past two weeks for frozen berries. And today I found them! It’s usually the simplist things which we miss and can’t find. But there is nearly always a great alternative and it’s often even better. I have trouble finding a fruit tea that I actually like abroad but I have just found one I really like here. These little things make me very happy! And make me feel safe… weird? Or not… no, probably not!


We went market shopping today for our fruits and veggies and I have made another batch of soup. A bit curried today and I can freeze some too.


As I had no computer to play on I did some work in my Life Restoration book, (Brave Girls, Yes Again!) And stuck some final embelishments onto the LOVE project. I think I will end up adding more and more to my cover but am going to leave it to ‘breathe’ for now! It has taken me an unbelieveable amount of time. More the drying of layers aspect than actual work though.


I like shiney (!) things so I glued on some sparkly elements and sequins. In my teaching days I used to give out piles of sequins for counting activities and the kids LOVED them! And trays of glitter just to get your hands into…. mmmm, fun times. Shame the time space to be creative got less and less in schools… I also did some drawing this afternoon. Just in pencil. And I gave myself the gift of patience with ‘no expectations’ thrown in for good measure too.


I am not sure whether I will paint them or keep them just as a simple drawing… Signing off now, with a tired head today, not really sure why. Time to chill out and get into my pj’s! Sigh….. X

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