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Day 9… The on-going LOVE project!


Today was the day to unpack to the Fairy Studio and it feels great! I have got 2 small Ikea wooden drawer sets, full of art materials and one large plastic box with stuff like; art paper, collage paper, journals and my paints. The other item I unpacked today was my printer. Yippeeeee!!! Last year our van just wasn’t big enough to accomodate anything like what I have with me this time, including my small craft box, sewing accessories and fabrics. I even have my sewing machine too!


James set up our outdoor camping table for me to use as an art table in the kitchen and now I can cut, stick, paint to my hearts content.  And so I did! I have been applying layers of paint to the background of the LOVE project. See blog post about that here. I also had to type and print out my journalling words as my writing was too big to fit on my book cover. Then I proceeded with the project tying all the embroidery floss together ready to glue down. But I had to wait ages as my background wasn’t dry yet! Time for a glass of vino tinto in the sunshine?


This part took a bit of care making sure the threads didn’t tangle. My little needle case is from my sister… She made it for my last birthday. She does send the BEST parcels. The tiny scissors fit inside too and then I have ‘pages’ of felt for my needles. My sister also sent me (in the same parcel) the little ring of embroidery threads with a rainbow of colours. It was perfect for my project. I LOVE having all my STUFF with me! All my most favourite things/toys! To get creative and PLAY!


Phew! That took patience… But sometimes that’s the whole point… x


Then the messy part of sculpting the heart and pasting a thick layer of matt medium over everything. Definitely going to have to leave it overnight to dry and finish it off tomorrow. I will put a photo up of the finished cover once it is done. X

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