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Day 8… Language barriers and challenges at the post office!


Today has been one of those days when I just felt like doing nothing much at all and so I didn’t! This morning I went to my friend and neighbour’s house – Rosa. She had kindly invited me and 2 other people round for an hour of Spanish conversation… Well, seeing as one of the ladies was German with virtually no Spanish/English and the other lady was English with very little Spanish and then there was me! Lucky for us Rosa speaks enough English to enable us all to get by. But it was FUN and really helps me with my pronunciation. Actually the locals here don’t even speak Spanish, they speak Valenciana which confuses the matter even further!


It’s hard to learn a language for sure but we are finding Spanish a LOT easier than learning Greek. Greek just didn’t roll off my tongue and I couldn’t get my head around the intonations easily. And of course it’s hard to read because you have to learn the Greek alphabet too. We still practise our Greek though so as not to forget the little bits we did learn. And when we go back someday we can learn a bit more. Maybe we will visit our old neighbours of this little family of goats; we didn’t need any Greek to converse with them!


We headed into the local villages today to pick up some bread and madeleines from the baker and buy more vegetarian cheese. We also collect post for our house-sit hosts. The post here is a bit strange. Some addresses don’t have a letter box either because maybe they are too remote or sometimes because the houses are built without planning permission and therefore not legal… In such cases you have a post box with a key and you collect your own from the local post office. The hours of the post office here in our village are also unusual in that they are only open for an hour a day from 11.45-12.45… And, if you get a parcel they leave a yellow slip in your box and you have to go and collect it. James picked a parcel up today on behalf of our house owners and had to sign no less than three different forms all with his signature and passport number!


I haven’t been playing with my camera today as the weather is mostly grey and it’s uninspiring. I also haven’t done anymore to my LOVE project so don’t have anything to show you… but I am getting ready for the final base layers of paint and then I can get busy glueing down the threads. Sunny photos and project to come soon I am sure but for now time to shower, get into my pyjamas and snuggle in for the evening, just because it’s that kind of a day… Thanks for reading. xxx




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  1. Mellow says...

    Xxx good to see / read you xx