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Day 6… My love of nature, where it comes from and an inspirational film…


We went for a walk this morning to explore our surroundings and we were out in nature straight away. Heaven and Bliss. We asked the Universe that our house-sit would be rural but not too remote, so guess what happened?! It’s orange and strawberry season here at the moment and the trees are dripping with oranges. We freshly squeeze them and they are so sweet and juicy. The almond (almendra) blossom is just coming out too covering the hills with pink and white. There are herbs everywhere too. The rosemary smells divine… I loved the spring season in Crete last year for exactly these things. The wild herbs there were like nothing I have ever smelled before, ever. Magical herbs which in ancient times were shipped over to Egypt as they were highly regarded. mmm… but I mustn’t digress back to Crete… another day definitely!


I have been interested in natural remedies, herbs and oils for a few years now and brew up simple lotions and potions for all sorts of reasons. I have cured my own broken toe (which went black!) in days, cured a persistent chest infection in a friend and cured many other minor ailments mostly for myself and those closest to me. I love vinegar, oils, essential oils, herbs, anything natural and I learn intuitively often looking up things after I have made them… Interestingly I have always so far been spot on with my choices, not sure how… Sometimes I know the name of a plant or tree and I have no idea how I know it! Maybe I was a herbalist or healer in a past life?!



I have tried all sort of things to get away from using chemicals in day-to-day life. No deoderant with nasty aluminium, no mass manufactured face creams, even though I used to love my Oil of Olay! I gave it up… Definitely NO flouride in my toothpaste. I am not completely chemical free yet but as with many things, I am a work in progress. I even tried a sage and rosemary blend to colour my grey/blonde bits! And it worked! Although chemical hairdye is still one of the things I use and I am yet to find a truly satisfactory alternative to shampoo with all its contained nasties… I have tried not washing it at all for months and it does self-regulate but love the feeling of washing at the moment. James doesn’t wash his hair anymore and it cleans itself with natural oils and brushing.


I found a film the other day on-line about an amazing herb lady – Juliette de Baïracli Levy. And, this post is a bit late today as I couldn’t stop watching the film, from start to finish! She was an English herbalist and animal healer, who, after not finding what she was looking for during her university education left England to travel around Europe, Turkey, Isreal and the USA. She spent much time with the gypsies and gained much of her knowledge from their traditional ways. She wrote many books too which I shall be downloading to my kindle asap! A new teacher for me!


I love what Juliette says about bees too and stealing the pollen and other bee products… A few years ago I was lucky enough to meet and hear talks by this wonderful lady – Brigit ‘B’ Strawbridge. I call her the bee lady. Her work is truly inspiring, so if you love bees here is her website.


When I watched the film today Juliette reminded me a little of my mum. My mum loves nature and trees and wild birds and her dogs. She talks to her pine trees, rescues wild birds and is custodian of her land. That’s how I see her. And I totally share in her love for animals, birds and trees. I feel very deeply the importance of respecting all nature and indeed protecting it whenever I can. Of being a guardian to the land wherever I go. Once, when we went to stay with her, she and I rescued the wild mice from the poison being put down. This of course is not only is fatal to the mice but enters the foodchain and water systems… Everything is of course linked should we choose to pay attention.


Juliette inspires me so much because that’s exactly what she did – pay close attention. Here is a link to the film. I found it interesting for me personally too as she lived on a Greek island for ten years, an island just north of Crete and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE CRETE! I think I ask James on a daily basis…”When are we going back to Crete?” All in good time though, time to enjoy Spain!


Thanks for reading! X

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