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Day 5… A patio with a view today… a little peek at the gardens of our current abode here in Spain…


It’s warmer outside here in our (for the next three months) Spanish house. The inside of the house, at this time of year is not warm at all. I usually do some cooking to get warm and this morning we made a big pot of vegetable soup before coming outside to have coffee in the sunshine. While inspecting the garden and pulling up the odd weed we notice lots of flowers appearing. It takes a while to get used to such a change in climate. But it does still get cold here when the sun disappears and so we need somewhere warm to retreat to. Seeing as our van is also our (very comfortable) boudoir, we are lovely and cosy in there at night.

2015-02-15 11.42.56

We have a much bigger van for this trip compared to last year, we couldn’t even stand up in our last van! But then, we were living in rented places and not sleeping in the van as we currently are. James has been working on the dining area today, finalising the electric sockets, putting the wall up and fixing the chairs down into their final position. Next will be our dining table and then the kitchen and solar panel to be fitted. I look forward to every stage being completed as it changes our space dramatically in there. We have an ensuite bedroom in the house but we are not using it as we like our OWN bed! It’s amazing having it with us wherever we go this time! The house belongs to a UK couple who have lived here 10 years and it is a beautiful place. I particularly like the living room which is massive and opens up to the terrace at the back… The terrace with a VIEW! It’s lovely when the light changes and how it highlights the mountains.


And that’s where I am sitting right now! I have put another layer of paint onto my Brave Girls “Love” project and am waiting for it to dry. Two or three more layers and then I will be ready to glue down my words. I’ll post more photos over the next few days as I go through the process. I am doing the project as a front and back cover for my new fine art book. It’s not my usual Strathmore though and I am not sure the pages are going to be wide enough for my work. Time will tell.


I post a few photographs I took this morning of the back garden here. I love the palm trees and succulents and the abundance of lavender. There is a vegetable garden too on the lower terrace where we will put in some tomatoes which are just starting to sprout.


Nothing else to report today, just having a quiet little Sunday. I shall go and make some tea and put another layer on my project. See you tomorrow if you are about, lots of loves and thanks for reading. I enjoy all your comments, whether on here, on my fb page or privately messaged so thanks for those! X



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