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Day 4… So engrossed in a project today I nearly forgot to blog!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope all your days are filled with love and not just today… but it’s nice to focus attention on love and have everyone else do it too! Today wonderful things are happening and I am so grateful. My friend sent me a message to say her baby had been born and I really, really LOVE this friend! I am so happy for her. Another friend’s daughter has got engaged today… mmm mmm love, love, love… more love and just when I couldn’t stop thinking about LOVE I got an email with this great free gift from Brave Girls Club and of course it’s the kind of gift which just has to be shared. ‘The Thing About LOVE, by Melody Ross – A Free e-course. And this is the project which nearly caused me to forget to blog, I just didn’t realise the time!

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If you have never heard of Brave Girls then I strongly recommend you check out the website and read a little of Melody’s Blog too… She is so poignant in her writing it has often brought tears to my eyes. I came across her (on-line) a few years ago reading a poem she wrote just as she had started to set up Brave Girls Club and her vision is truly beautiful. Since then I was longing to take one on the on-line courses. One day there was a competition to win a place on the exact course I had wanted to do and I knew I had won before it even happened! I told my brother and James that I had won before I found out I had! And I loved the course. I blogged about it here. There is a lot of soul searching and promises to self all completed in a creative way which is totally supported if you are not confident artistically. I didn’t really understand the power of actually DOING until I had done some of the projects. It really helps to absorb all the intentions and everything manifests around that.

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So as-well-as having a romantic day of doing little things for each other and not filled with picked flowers or wild gifts, (I don’t like picked flowers because once picked, even though they are beautiful, they die.) I have been sat doing the LOVE project! And once I sat down to do the writing part I realised that I had already begun this project in my New Year shadow journal. I was thinking about the ways I wanted to live my life and the little things we can do to make the world a better place. It has made such an intense difference over the years and the more motivated I am by love, the more AMAZING life gets! Love to myself, love to my beloved, love to my daughter, sister, brother, mother… love to friends, love to others especially when they most need it, love to mother earth and all living things. One of the first things I wrote at New Year … “Do someone a favour, but don’t tell anyone.” I heard this one a few years ago from the writings of the Dalai Lama. Its a really good one for cheering yourself up if you need it… But maybe I shouldn’t be telling you that I do it!!!


Finally Janice, thank you for your reminder about listening to my angels. Isn’t it easy to forget? So I will pick an angel card right now from my little ‘van-sized’ box of magic. Here goes… I won’t tell what the reading says but suffice to say it is the absolute BEST message for my day, of course… See you tomorrow if you pop back, much LOVE and thanks for reading. X

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