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Day 3… changing ‘challenge’ to ‘fun!’

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Since I believe thoughts and words are energy and have the power to cast spells impacting our realities I am therefore using the wrong word by calling this a blog ‘challenge!’ Nooooo!!! So, I am changing this to ’30 days of blog FUN!’ Then hopefully it will be a fun project and not feel like a challenging climb up a very steep mountain. Unfortunately today has felt exactly like that!


Everything is feeling today like one of those dreams where your feet get stuck in a mysterious gloopy ground whilst being chased by the nasty monster! So, although the sun has come out and it has been a beautiful day… Random things keep going wrong, like the laundry blowing off the washing line and falling directly into the puddles created by the last few days of unusual rainfall and I had to throw away half the strawberries as they were rotten and well, I just feel like I am dragging something invisible and heavy around with everything I try to do… Not sure why!

Photo on 20-12-2013 at 19.08

And as I don’t want to feel like this about my blog I thought I better just check up on myself before I start today. So it is done! I have to say, it is a very different experience to my usual blog writing – where I only write when I am really in the mood to write with insights which I want to share. Writing this everyday feels a bit like writing a journal, sharing stuff I wouldn’t normally even think of sharing! And there is pressure to think of something witty or interesting and I honestly have nothing! But then, maybe that’s the whole point. Real life IS interesting.


So after my up-hill kind of a day I share this little gem which I stumbled across this morning. A real-life inpiring tale of goodness which started small with no intention to have the impact its turned out to have -Tree Change Dolls. Check it out here. X



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