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Day 29… A day of sunshine, new friends and paella…

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We are having beautiful weather here and it’s getting hotter and hotter. It kind of feels like being on a really long holiday… Today and tomorrow around 26-28 degrees. And the sunsets are glorious. After yesterday, I have re-energised myself by having a busy day which sometimes, for me, is the best way. This morning a trip into the nearest town to post something out to my mum for mother’s day. So, so expensive! Almost as expensive as post in the UK. Then my Spanish conversation group. And this afternoon, eating masses of paella cooked traditionally by our neighbour Juan Carlos. He made a vegetarian one especially for James and I and made spare so we all got some to take-away too. Absolutamente deliciosa!


Rosa who is the wife of Juan Carlos helps me so much with my Spanish. And I can help her too improve her pronunciation in English. It’s interesting to learn which sounds she finds challenging for her English and she understands why I find certain sounds difficult too. Thank goodness for her patience.


Today I have been learning fruit and vegetables as I am determined to shop at the market with only Spanish next time! Fingers crossed. It’s difficult because the local dialect is Valenciana and it’s very different to Spanish so it does get very confusing. But we like to try, wherever we are. My head is certainly buzzing today from it all.

Now spring has well and truly sprung and in fact it feels like summer here, I am feeling inspired to review winter and move forwards into some new creative projects. I think what will really help me is getting out my journals tomorrow and our vision board and see which things make my heart JUMP FOR JOY. Those will be the things to go for! There are some big questions on our horizon after we leave here too. Like, where are we going for a start! Now is a good time to put some loose ideas onto the ‘no-plan-plan.’ I never feel that inspired around our New Year. It’s still cold and dark and my motivation is still in hibernation. So now is the best time for me.


Over the past few days I have been thinking what I have learned from this lifestyle. Nomadic slow-travel, with no base to go back to feels very different from say, going back-packing and then coming home. Our home is with us. A.k.a, the van/house! Also, having lots of our own stuff with us makes everything seem really comforting and familiar. And, having our own bed with us everywhere we go is heaven. I am going to journal over the next few days to clarify what I love and what is difficult, to help ease any challenges. Knowing the outcomes of this will make me feel safe for our onwards journey in a few months thus freeing me up to get excited and not be unsettled.

Maybe I’ll have something from my journals to show tomorrow for my last post in this 30 days of everyday writing. But, for now, I leave you with this little face, Rojo, who sat under the table after our meal today… a very loving little fellow! Thanks for reading, especially if you have been reading most days. I have enjoyed your company… X

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