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Day 28… Girl with no energy…


Hi blog. Today I don’t want to be here and nor do I feel like writing! I don’t feel like drawing or painting or even doing anything. I don’t want to finish updating my copy for the about page or working out my rules and boundaries for commission work. Quite simply my energy for today has run out! Mostly today has felt like climbing a steep hill. But when life feels all wrong and difficult I then must remember all that good stuff I know. To look at the other side, the stuff that I am happy with and grateful for. So I made a list on the way back from the market, out loud because James needed to hear it too.


One lovely thing today that really shines out is the people here. So friendly and helpful and patient with our language. And, when I really think about today, it hasn’t been so bad. We have got lots of little things achieved which feels good and the weather has been beautiful, again. Our Spanish neighbours have just invited us round to lunch tomorrow and I go for an hour on Wednesdays too for our little Spanish conversation group. Warm welcome gratefully received.

But still, today I didn’t just feel like being out in the bustle of the town and the market. I lost my favourite shirt along the way too. We went back to find it but had no luck. It’s just been one of those days for me where you get bumped around a bit. I was feeling fragile and it’s zapped all of my energy.


Now though, back at home. I am happy and safe and cosy and comfy. And, we are so lucky to have such a lovely space to call home. I think an early night with movies in bed is the perfect remedy. And some sleepy tea. How important it is to ask yourself, ‘what do I need?’ And then do that, with no excuses. So I may be exhausted from my day but I know how fortunate I am too.


“Home is my safe place. Home is where I am loved unconditionally. Home is where I can feel the spirit. Home is where I have experienced my greatest joys and greatest sorrows. Home is family. Home is snuggling with my eternal sweetheart. Home is laughter. Home is love. Home needs many jobs completed like new carpet, new windows, new doors.. The list never ends! Home is where I love to come to after a long day.”

Kimberly Toombs Rose

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