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Day 25… controversial (?) post, about choices and the meat industry…


“Number of people worldwide who will die as a result of malnutrition this year: 20 million
Number of people who could be adequately fed using land freed if Americans reduced their intake of meat by 10%: 100 million” Diet for a New America, John Robbins.

For me, because I am in the very fortunate position of not having a job anymore this means I get to choose how I spend my time. And, having all this time is absolutely amazing. Some of this time I use to read, research and inform myself about the world around me. I find that if I need to know something and I keep turning away from it then somehow, it keeps cropping up again and again in all sorts of unexpected places. My post today addresses one of these things and you may not want to read it. If this is the case then scroll down to the bottom and watch the ‘happy cows’ film… The choice of course is yours and whatever you decide I respect this and do not judge. I promise.

I am having real problems at the moment with the food I eat. I think I have all sorts of intolerances and I am finding I can eat less and less things. I also am a particularly picky eater and have been this way all the way back to my early childhood. Anyone who has invited me round for a meal will know this! Travelling and being in foreign countries complicates this matter even further for me. I always used to rely on the fact I liked chicken and fish. They were my ‘turn to’ foods as I could get these anywhere. But I have quite recently decided I didn’t want to eat any form of meat anymore. I have not eaten red meat for many, many years and hardly ate any chicken or fish. But, I always had it now and again especially when there were no other choices for me. So what now? I think veganism might be my answer.


I have asked myself why I have given up chicken and fish and knew it was about my conscience about killing animals or fish or birds. I live in a house where James and I even rescue flies if they land in our wine! About two years ago I watched a short film about how the marketing industry fools us in the choices we make. I am sure we are all familiar with how advertising works to at least a small extent. But this talk really opened my eyes.

In the last few weeks I came across this article via Jenni Rae Holistic Harmony, it contains facts and figures including the beginning quote in this post. I also came across another talk just today via this article. It is given by the author of the book pictured at the top of this post. This film contains some animal cruelty you may not want to see. I don’t like it when posts come up say on facebook with photographs depicting horror images. I understand we need to be aware and informed but I like to at least have a choice or warning. For me to share such things is an unusual day indeed. I believe that we should focus our energy on the good stuff. But, I also believe in honour, and I am writing and sharing this to honour my truth, to honour the animals and to honour our choices. So I will post this film here for those reasons. I watched it all, but she does tell you when to turn away (or in this case you could skip the film forwards) but I found her talk very interesting.

Again to clarify, I have no judgement towards others. I can only follow my own conscience after I weigh up my choices. Thanks for reading my post, and, as always feel free to comment. I leave you with this gorgeously heart-warming short film of happy cows found in this article… X


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  1. Judy says...

    I understand what you are saying — I’m feeling more and more like you.

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks for reading Judy, it’s not an easy subject… Only when we are informed can we make our choice… X