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Day 24… Two thank-yous and my latest work…


A wonderful friend of mine messaged me yesterday to ask if she could use some of my artwork on her website. I am absolutely honoured. So I spent some time today photographing my most recent body of work and I sent it to her. I will post links up here when my girls are up! It’s always exciting to have interest in my work and it means it will be seen by a completely new audience. Thank you xxx. I also am aware that my gallery page on here is not up-to-date, so I need to add the photos on there too. The upkeep on a website takes time and I don’t always enjoy doing it! Good job I live with someone who helps me out A LOT! My very own King of WordPress! Thank you VERY much. X


I am absolutely wiped out and have completely run out of energy today. I am snuggled in pyjamas in my sofa nest already! Therefore, for today’s post I will just put up some of the pictures I took today of my artwork. If you follow my facebook page you may have seen some of the process shots a few months ago. It has actually made me realise that I did quite a lot of painting whilst in the UK, some of which I actually like! Although I am already looking at them and thinking I want to do more layers. It can be very difficult deciding when they are finished. I read somewhere it’s better to leave a painting 90% finished than 101% over-worked.



One of these is completely over-worked… And another one the opposite… Here I go analysing again. The most difficult stage for me is when I am about three quarters of the way through a painting and sometimes I have to leave it alone for weeks and weeks. If I am lucky then by the time I come back to it, I just know exactly what it needs. That, or, I find I have just completely gone off it and disregard it!



One thing is for sure, painting is hard. As with anything though it gets better with practise and I am noticing improvements. Hopefully tomorrow I will wake up rejuvenated and I can paint, paint, paint. Thanks for reading today’s post, let me know what you think of my work and maybe see again you tomorrow. Xxx

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  1. Judy says...

    i love your pictures today!!

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks Judy xxx