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Day 21… I was resisting going out today but I am so glad I did… all the inspiration I was trying to force yesterday just appears naturally today!


After reading my astrology this morning I wonder, is this why I had such a funny day yesterday? “It’s time to tap your inner fire with Luna now in Leo. If your flame is pretty low…maybe the size of a pilot light (due to sadness or lack of optimism about life or the future) then fuel your divine inner spark with some inspiration… Lunar transits through Leo can take us into our cave (like the hero Hercules) to find our deepest strength by facing our deepest fears.” – The Moon Woman. So, I really feel like hibernating and snuggling in for the day but I end up here!


Bang! Right in the middle of Valencia (Balenthia) and it’s busy town. The festival of Las Fallas is about to begin and the craziness starts now! Las Fallas was originally a pagan festival to celebrate the end of winter and welcome in the spring by the lighting of fires. It has evolved (via the church) to coincide with the feast of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of Spain. And it’s MASSIVE! Tourists come from all over the world to witness the madness. To be honest, we didn’t know anything about it when we arranged our house-sit here. I researched the area after that and felt rather excited that it coincided with our stay. You can just make out some of the ornate light decorations in the photo above. They are supposed to be spectacular.


Everyday leading up to the festival, they have fireworks and fire crackers, called la Mascleta, (which they apparently throw!) and later as the actual week of the festival arrives there will be parades of giant ornate statues which they burn on the last night! There are processions and brass bands and lots of drinking of cervezas! The streets were covered today with empty beer cans and people were everywhere on the main streets. They clean up the streets to an immaculate level again every day. At one point we felt like we were heading in the opposite direction in a protest march. The whole of town is like one big outdoor street party. Fiesta is as important as the siesta!


We escaped to quieter places though after completing our mission of dropping James’s laptop off at the apple store for its repair. The old part of town is known as Barrio El Carmen and it’s gorgeously bohemian. We haven’t seen it at night yet when I bet it really comes alive.


You walk round and get completely lost in the maze of cobbled streets. And there is graffiti everywhere and little shops, cafés and bars. The other thing I really like about Valencia is that the centre is all compacted together so you don’t have to walk miles to see stuff. There is a metro too though, although we didn’t come in on it today.



I have been walking around like a real tourist taking pictures with my new camera and loving it! And although I didn’t feel at all like the hustle of the town today it’s done me the world of good. Funny how that happens. I feel all exhilarated. And after spending yesterday trying to force my inspiration and then this morning feeling myself resisting a day trip… Now, I end up feeling all inspirited, just like that. LOVE it when that happens!


I am learning to say YES to more stuff! I think I may be coming out of what seems like a very long hibernation period for me… And the astrology for today, I just looked is… “Moon is still in Leo between first quarter & full moon so this is a great window for putting yourself out there & joining the human race.”  – The Moon Woman MMM very interesting indeed…

Photo on 03-03-2015 at 17.28

See you tomorrow if you pop by and thanks for reading, liking, comments and messages. Really appreciated. X

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  1. Judy says...

    I find myself looking forward to your posts every day now. I will not want them to end.
    Thanks. Judy

    • Wendy replied...

      Thanks Judy! Very touched by your comment. Still 9 more to go though… !