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Day 20… Looking for our soul home…


It has been so warm here today, around 28 degrees but with a wind too. I have spent most of the day feeling unsettled and a bit lost, wandering about the house wondering where I am. I did sit down this morning and start a March vision board which has helped. Mostly this month I would like to get back into making art I like! This morning I made the classic mistake of getting lost on pinterest for ‘inspiration!’ Ha! There are, of course, many problems with pinterest, not least that there is SO much inspiration out there that I get confused. By the time I sit down with my paper and pencils I’m feeling exhausted! But I didn’t give up today. In between sunbathing on the various patios here, following the sun and changing the view, I sat down and painted. Or at least I tried!


Oh dear, she does look rather sad doesn’t she? I will try and fix her tomorrow. Poor girl. But if art is a reflection of life it’s not surprising really she turned out like this today. And at least I tried.


We are very lucky to have this place for such a long stop. Time enough to find our balance and time enough to finish our van. The slow travelling is really what we enjoy. The long stops! It gives us a chance to get to know an area and a bit of language and culture too. And then off we go again, off into the unknown. It’s very strange not having a permanent home. And we do want to find somewhere to put down our roots again. I read somewhere yesterday the phrase; ‘soul home,’ and I thought yes, that’s it, that’s the perfect way to describe what we are doing. We are searching for our SOUL HOME. I think today, my unsettled feelings have come from not knowing when or where that will be. Thanks for reading my post, sorry it’s a bit short today but I have run out of words and will only end up waffling nonsense so it’s best I sign off! Much loves and meet you back here tomorrow. X

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