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Day 2 of blog challenge… Playing in my journals.


Sometimes when I start a new page in one of my journals I am inspired first by a quote and this is one of those pages. As I said in yesterday’s post, I just don’t feel like unpacking all my art and craft stuff yet. I haven’t defined a space to work and as I am just settling in, I don’t like to be overwhelmed with my stuff! But, this doesn’t mean I don’t have access to my journals and a small amount of art supplies which I keep within really easy reach. I have a tiny, tiny ‘art office’ box and inside it I fit just a few basic essentials. Two little pencil cases… And a couple of my journals. A writing one and one with lovely fine art paper that my sister bought me for Christmas.


The quote I started with was; “Choose being kind over being right and you will always be right.’ Richard Carlson. And then I just doodle faces in pencil and add some colour and collage elements as I go along. There is no formula to anything in my journals. I just play really and it’s fun. It’s not like when you are finishing a painting where one wrong move and you could ruin it. Just play and layer and when you get fed up start another page!

It has been raining here nearly all day today which is most unusual we are told. Often there are water shortages where restrictions are put in place, so I am happy for the land to have rain, but, I am hoping for some sunshine tomorrow! We haven’t even felt like going out today. Totally uninspired! James has to make sure the pool cover doesn’t get overwhelmed with surface water and I am making sure the leak in the doorway of our van drips into a pot! I forgot this morning whilst I was in the house and had to dry the velvet curtain out. The glamorous world of an improvised life! I am going back to work more on the page and my Spanish language course. Maybe see you tomorrow if you pop back for another peek! X

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