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Day 18… A bike ride, paella and how James and I met!


We cycled to the nearest village today to go to the supermarket. It’s not too far, about half an hour there and half back. We wanted to pick up edible and drinkable gifts for our spanish neighbours. Tomorrow we have been invited over again and didn’t want to show up empty handed. Especially after the amazing paella!


Anyone that knows me knows I’m not that confident on a bicycle but I did my best and got a few pushes on the uphills from James! Well, also I walked up the last hill up to our house as it’s pretty steep and the road surface isn’t great. James is OK with his mountain bike but mine is more of a road bike, £20 quid at a car boot sale! It’s a Raleigh Classic and I LOVE it! The bikes came all the way to Crete last year and it’s a great freedom to have them with us. We don’t have to prepare our van for a road trip (tie down all loose items!) and we get excercise too.


Riding past the orange groves we stop to pick one up off the floor. The rule apparently is if you eat the fruit there and then it’s not stealing. It was yummy and gave me a needed sugar rush for the last bit! If we do this a few times a week I can see my confidence and fitness improving. I know James could get there and back in half the time without me. He cycles rings around me! But he KNOWS what I’m like on a bike! In fact that’s how we became friends over twenty years ago now…


The brief version of our story is that we were both doing an art foundation course and lived on the same avenue, Victoria Avenue to be precise. I would ride past his window in the mornings with my little Jasmine (aged two) on the back of my bike. As we have already established that I can’t ride a bike it wasn’t many weeks in when I overbalanced (while stationary!) and managed to wedge my ankle under the bike to protect little one on the back. She wasn’t that bothered during the whole incident! Someone came to my rescue but from there I could no longer bike in… and I had sold the pushchair to buy said bike. Single parent hood couldn’t afford both. So James came to the rescue with his Morris Marina car… and that’s how we became friends. About 23 years ago! As always thanks for reading. X

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