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Day 15… Honestly, I just don’t feel well at all today…


This photograph was taken in Italy last year but it completely describes how I’m feeling today. I don’t feel like talking and I don’t feel very well at all! I have made a commitment though to my blog, and wanted to write something, just to honour it. And, also, I’d like what I write here to be authentic, not just the ‘happy’ stuff. Life is all about balance and duality. We are surely all familiar with this… I am listening to what I need. To slow my day right down, go gentle on myself and nurture, nurture, nurture.


On days like this I sometimes find it hard to remember all that good stuff I KNOW. I forget that days like this happen…

Some days I laugh
Some days I cry
Some days I crawl
Some days I fly
But everyday
I strive to thrive
Evie Angel


“You don’t have to feel ‘okay’ all the time. You don’t have to be free from all resistance all the time. You are bigger than that, unlimited in fact. There is no ‘all the time’ for you. You are the space for the okay and the not-okay, the acceptance and the resistance. You don’t need any fixed and unchangeable image of yourself. You don’t need to be the enlightened guru or the spiritual warrior. You don’t need to be the peaceful one, the awakened one, the strong one, the highly evolved one, the one immune to suffering. All are false limitations on your limitless nature. Simply be what you are, not ‘this’ one or ‘that’ one, but The One, the space for all of it.”

Jeff Foster


I hope I do not depress you with my words as I am not depressed at all… I am simply in the ebb and FLOW of life… and then finally, I found this quote, the PERFECT ending to today’s post.

If you Labor, you are a “laborer”
If you work on Farm, you are a “farmer”
& If you Flow, you are a “Flower”
Forest Sage


And whoever is reading, who made it this far to the end, thank you for reading. X


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  1. Becky says...

    I love that last quote. I am learning to be a flower xxxx

  2. Judy says...

    I enjoy your blogs very much. Feel better!

    • Wendy replied...

      Thank you Judy xxxxx