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Day 14… self love, food allergies and a jumble of rambling thoughts…


I warn you my thoughts are a bit all over the place today. And I feel poorly. I have a bad stomach and a strange rash and we hardly slept last night because the wind here gets really crazy. BUT, I am happy and I have been painting today for the first time in ages.

I am sitting writing in our van. I am comfortable and cosy even amongst the ‘unfinishedness’ of it all! We have everything we need and more. I am thinking about how the final finish will look. How I can paint flowers on everything, hang up lanterns and nest in the space… yummy… And, how different it will all look and feel once the kitchen is in. Our own kitchen for the first time in one and a half years. What an adventure we have chosen…


I am thinking about self-love too, with particular focus to my health at present. During our journey I have been eating a lot of foods that my body doesn’t like purely for ease and convenience. Well, also a lot of filling up on my favourite food –  crisps! But my body is rebelling and I have skin problems and a strange rash on my face so I need to make sure I cut out certain things. My main intolerance is wheat and gluten. I very rarely eat breads (apart from spelt bread) but I had succumbed due to ease while travelling. But I have given it all up and already I am feeling better for it. So more orange juice and strawberries for me.


My other thoughts on self-love come from my commitment to on-going personal improvement. Being the best me I can possibly be, an imperfect human experiencing all that life brings and trying to keep centred, connected and full of love. Creating my New Year’s list of tiny, in-the-moment ways to bring love into my day. Of becoming the most loving me I can be. The LOVE project has really helped cement my aspirations and now I hope the consistency will continue to improve.


I am really enjoying creating some new artwork again. I am having those moments where I wonder what its purpose is and whether it is important enough or where it is leading me. I am not sure how I am meant to use my gifts and talents… just realising and releasing what is inside of me through the art and trusting that I am on the right path to wherever it takes me next. I have had big secret dreams for over twenty years of having my own galleries in different places around the world. Painting, making jewellery and running workshops as well as selling and supporting other artists. I would love to open the first one in Athens. One of my galleries will definitely be on a beach somewhere… probably in Crete! X


My thoughts wander more to; how seeking beauty is NOT frivolous as it may seem. I see it as how we express ourselves as women and surrounding ourselves with things we find beautiful makes our souls sing. Like how different we feel if we wear bright colours or a flowing skirt or adorn ourselves with our favourite jewellery. I find that if I get a few basics taken care of for my self, all the other things in that day feel so much more meaningful and joyful and I can remain present and feel more like myself. And then somedays, I just feel like hiding away in my black yoga pants and woolly layers and snuggle the day away in happy hibernation. And that’s allowed too!


I did warn you at the start that my thoughts are all over the place… But none of these posts are planned. I am just putting a bit of me out there. Maybe as a reminder to myself that all this small stuff DOES matter. It’s my experience and part of a celebration of who I AM! I am learning and growing and, the writing and connecting is a wonderful part of the process for me. Thanks so much for reading. X

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