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Day 12… Valencian oranges, moon centres and maca!


I couldn’t share of photo as my camera just couldn’t pick it up, but the moon last night took my breath away. It was a tiny waxing crescent, really bright and the angle of a smile. We could clearly make out the earth’s shadow too… a magical moon! I love the moon (as well as the sun) and have been recording for a while now how it links to my feminine cycles. I have also been mapping my moon centres according to ancient Kundalini Yoga and it is very interesting how once you discover your pattern, it recurs. It’s definitely something I need to revisit now I am settled in our new place. Here’s a link to one of the articles I found if you are interested.


Another thing I am loving again, now we have stopped travelling for a few months, is getting back into my morning routines. My warm lemon water, freshly squeezed orange juice and smoothie making. When we are travelling, stopping, staying one night and moving on the next day it’s usually best for us when we keep everything as simple as possible. Due to our van not having its kitchen yet, having dirty washing up from squeezing oranges and lemons can just feel like too much effort! Our house-sitting hosts have lemons growing in their garden and an orange grove next door, well, there are orange groves everywhere but then it is Valencia! The oranges yield SO much sweet juice and it’s like nothing I have tasted before, ever!

2014-11-20 13.18.48

I have completely simplified my smoothie recipe over the past year or so. I try to keep to less than four ingredients because I feel it helps my digestion. I also add a generous spoonful of maca powder. This gives me energy and noticeably balances out my hormone levels. Maca has been used medically and as a staple food for over 2000 years in the Ancient Incan and Peruvian cultures. I read that only two crops grow at high altitude up in the Andes; potatoes and maca. It is also an adaptogen which means it will adapt once ingested to an individual’s needs. I recommend it to everyone I meet now, as it has really made a difference to my health. I love the taste too. It’s a bit like horlicks and really earthy. I love the stuff!


I will leave you today with three random photographs. One of my favourite trees here and some very strange looking clouds which appeared this afternoon!


This one looks like a spaceship or something from Thunderbirds!


Thanks for reading my blog post, maybe see you tomorrow for another one. I am enjoying writing everyday and this gives me a platform and the incentive to do it. It is also giving me a fun project with which to get to know my camera and has reawakened my love for this blog!



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